Who is Dima White?


Dima White is a person with two hands and two feet, just like everyone else.
What does it mean to have 500K followers? Honestly, nothing. I’m still the same guy I was before. I don’t differentiate myself in any way. The only thing that has changed is that I have more influence. And I have to be more careful. That’s why I promote sports.
When I was little, I wanted to be a history teacher. No matter how strange it may sound. If social media didn’t exist, I think I would have pursued a career as a teacher. I really like history. Stephen the Great — it’s really annoying to me that no big USA director has made a movie about him yet. He was an extraordinary historical figure!
In another life, I think I would be a dog. They have no problems. Live, sleep, eat, walk. But humans have obligations, responsibilities. But a dog does what it wants when it wants. The perfect life!
As a superpower, I would choose to be able to turn back time.
(For the haters) Don’t be jealous and mind your own business! Before, when we were promoting sports, before the FEA fight, none of you sent us a message, or tried to help when we were building the gym for the kids. Nothing! But now that you see this topic gaining hype, everyone grabs their phone and starts barking! They will understand.
Message for Vasea. Quit wrapping flowers because on March 30th, I will wrap you up like a bouquet!
«Starting tomorrow, I will no longer…» eat sweets! I like sweets, but I think everyone does!


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