Who is Burduja Alexandru ?


Who is Burduja Alexandru ?


I am a professional K-1 fighter, a family man, always ready for new challenges and new confrontations.

I can’t say for sure what profession I would have had, but it would have been related to sports anyway. Because sports nowadays even help us integrate into another country, as it helped me. Sport helps you in any field.


I believe fate wanted me to be born in August, under the sign of Leo. The lion is considered a strong animal, confident, and with a lot of willpower. So, in another life, I would have been a lion.

As a superpower, I would like not to need sleep. Sometimes I don’t get enough. A person has to sleep to be productive, as a sportsman, and in any other field, we need quality sleep.

«Starting tomorrow, I will no longer…» eat macaroni and cheese. But seriously, in life, I very rarely accept the negative side, the «no.» I do a personal analysis and strive to find positive things. That’s why I will correct the phrase and say «Starting tomorrow, I WILL be…» better than today.

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