Post-fight: Welterweight 4-men tournament. FEA EQUINOX sep 23rd 2023 !


Unal Alkayis: “This is not my tournament. My fight is against Artiom Livadari. I’m ready for Livadari!”

Cornel Lisii: “I came out in good spirits. Probably my mistake was celebrating the victory too early. I won’t repeat this mistake. From now on, I will be focused only on the fight. The opponent was not difficult. He simply chose the right tactic of fighting with kicks. Being very injured in the legs, I couldn’t throw them anymore. I work very well with kicks, but this time I couldn’t. I’m sure that if I were to face him in a single fight, I would defeat him. I want this rematch!”

Artiom Livadari:” Unfortunately, Cornel lost. I hoped that the fight for the belt would be between two Moldovans. That would have been ideal for our audience. But we have what we have. I handle the Turks very well, it’s the Bulgarians that I can’t manage from what it seems. The Turk doesn’t stand a chance. It will be a very tough fight for him. And a long night.”

Rodrigo Mineiro: “When the fight starts, I always like to feel my opponent, see how he’s doing. Feel his power in the 1st minute, then I can go over. Ok, he can’t hurt me. Cornel is very strong, he has power, he’s explosive and faster. I didn’t want to risk taking a clean punch. My right foot is in pain so I couldn’t kick. I’ll fight anyone but please let me know one month before!”

Eduard Koroli:” I engaged a little bit late. I wanted to spare myself for the 2nd fight. But something went wrong. I became more active in the 3rd round but it was too late. It is what it is. Next time it’ll be different!”