Jakub Swiderski: ” See you April 8th!!! I’m sure you will like it!!!”


Jakub Swiderski: ” My plan for the first fight is to work at a distance. I will also work in the second fight, if I manage to win the first one.To be honest, I didn’t think about it, I’ll just be myself, it matters. For now, I’m focused on the first fight. Since it will show whether I will go further to the final. Of course, in the final I would like to fight with the best of the second pair. Fighting at home has its pros and cons. As well as fights abroad. By participating abroad, I see new countries and, of course, a wider audience learns about me. When it comes to fighting in my country, it’s nice to fight in front of your own audience. But to be more precise, I fight better abroad while representing my Polish nation!  See you April 8th!!! I’m sure you will like it!!! ”