Dorin Damir: „We already know the date of the next big FEA Championship event.”


Dorin Damir: „We already know the date of the next big FEA Championship event. FEA Equinox, 23rd of September 2023. To reiterate, is a meaningful date, the Equinox.

I think it’s time to open the parentheses. Therefore, here’s the main event of the tournament. I believe it will be one of the most interesting and spectacular bouts in recent years.

Namely, the title fight in the up to 71 kg category, between two winners of two Grand Prix tournaments. Vitalie Matei, the well-known FEA Championship veteran, winner of many belts, who spent many fights, obtained many victories, had many decisive fights in his career. He got to the moment when he must fight for the title.

His opponent, Calin Petrisor, a young Romanian fighter, who proved himself by winning the last Grand Prix pyramid of the 71 kg division, fighting in two exceptionally remarkable fights.

Recently, in May, Calin Petrisor, had another fight within a professional Romanian project, which he won. On June the 3rd, he has an ISKA title fight.

Afterwards, he’ll rest for a bit and then he’ll start preparing for this important battle. Like in many cases before, the young ambition will challenge the practice and calm of a valuable fighter, like Vitalie Matei.

We wish both fighters to prepare well, so that on September 23rd ’23 they’ll show us all a big-time fight! And may the best man win! I wish you all good health, practice sports, keep on going and everything will be fine! ”