Dorin Damir -” The stakes are high. It’s the final for the right to fight for the December FEA Championship belt in the up to 77 kg category.”


Dorin Damir -” Hello dear friends, fans of the FEA Championship project. We are getting closer and closer to the FEA Equinox tournament on September 23rd. Fighters are in training, tickets are on sale, and everyone is eagerly anticipating the event. As you may know, the 77 kg belt, once held by Constantin Rusu, is now vacant. We discussed this before. The first 77 kg pyramid has identified the first contender for the belt, and that’s Artiom Livadari. He’s already well-known, having brought home the first gold medal in history from the European Games for the Republic of Moldova. Congratulations to him on this achievement. He’s waiting for his opponent, who will be determined on September 23rd at FEA Equinox, in the Grand Prix up to 77 kg.

In this tournament, we have 4 fighters. The first pair consists of Cornel Lisii, well-known and very popular as a fighter in the Republic of Moldova. He started in kickboxing, changed clubs, coaches, and now he’s working hard on himself and his technique. He’s undergone some changes due to a less favorable period in his career, but he’s ambitious, promising, and talented. I believe he’s destined for great things. Cornel Lisii will face the fighter from Romania, Costin Dinu. Costin Dinu is a very good and interesting fighter. I can’t give a direct prediction on the winner right now, as it will be a tough fight, and the stakes are high. The second pair is equally intriguing. Ukrainian fighter, well-known in the Republic of Moldova for a long time, Eduard Koroli. Since I just mentioned Cornel Lisii, they had a fight in which Eduard won by decision, though it was a close match. So, there’s an interesting twist in this pyramid. Eduard Koroli is already a fighting veteran, a Thai boxer from Ukraine. He engages in interesting, beautiful, and spectacular bouts. His opponent is an ambitious and well-prepared young fighter from Turkey, Unal Alkayis. The brother of the renowned fighter, now coach, Ali Alkayis, who is also the husband of the women’s division champion, Funda Alkayis. A family of fighters. This pyramid is truly going to be very, very interesting. If Lisii and Koroli make it to the final, it will also be intriguing as it would be a rematch. But for now, I can’t make any predictions, as they are all equal in technique, tactics, and skill. Some are younger, others have a longer career, like Koroli. But they all strive, they’re in preparation, striving for victory. The stakes are high. It’s the final for the right to fight for the December FEA Championship belt in the up to 77 kg category. So, support your favorite fighters, come on September 23rd to Futsal Arena, and be there with them. It will be a beautiful and fiery evening. For those who can’t be present or are abroad, watch us on from anywhere in the world. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. Wishing everyone good health, all the best, great plans, keep moving forward, and everything will be fine!”