A new division in FEA CHAMPIONSHIP has been announced!!


Dorin Damir, FEA CHAMPIONSHIP founder : „Hi friends, FEA Championship fans and martial arts enthusiasts! Today I have some thrilling news to share with you. I believe you’ll like it.  After countless discussions, careful considerations, and numerous requests, the FEA has made the following decision.

Starting with this fall, with the next tournament, FEA Equinox, September 23rd 2023, we are introducing the first Muay Thai professional bouts! Meaning, FEA Championship starts a new category, professional Muay Thai. We anticipate an array of enthralling and spectacular fights. This marks a momentous milestone for the Republic of Moldova, as we align with the global trend of professional Muay Thai fights. Thus, stay with us, support us, keep on going, follow your favorite fighters and you’ll witness captivating fights within FEA Championship. Practice sports, make big plans and everything will be fine! ”