Light heavyweight superfight, (Croatia) Mladen "Dynamite" Kujundzic vs João "Chapas" Silva (Portugal). FEA WORLD GP ODESSA !!!


Поединок категории до 95кг. Младен Куюнджич против Жоао Силва в рамках FEA WORLD GP ODESSA !!!


Light heavyweight superfight, (Croatia) Mladen „Dynamite” Kujundzic  vs João „Chapas” Silva (Portugal). FEA WORLD GP ODESSA !!!
Another treat for all the fans and viewers will be the stand off under 95 kg, between the Croatian,  Mladen Kujundzic and Portuguese fighter João Silva. 
Mladen Kujundzic is a FFC organization striker, where he has 6 wins and 1 loss. In total, Mladen’s kickboxing record consists of 26 wins and 10 losses. But he also practices MMA, obtaining 3 wins and 3 losses.
Mladen is 30 years old with a height of 189cm and his category is up to 95kg. To be noted that in March of this year, in an extra round, he won the bout against the Moldavian reigning FEA Light Heavyweight champion, Alexandr Burduja. 
Overall, he leads an explosive tactic and, apparently, this is where his nickname DYNAMITE comes from. He waits and waits, but when he bursts out, his series of blows seem to never stop.
The Portuguese fighter, João Silva, is 5 years older than his adversary, he is 35 years old, and is reaching a height of 180cm, which makes him, 9 cm lower than Mladen. Silva’s professional record shows 27 victories, 6 defeats and one fight ending in a draw.
He also prides himself on several titles and belts. Fascinatingly, he got 12 victories ahead of schedule by knockouts. In addition to this he works more pin pointy. Hence we will get to see two completely different styles in this bout. And there is a very high probability that one of the rivals will fall, since in this category sometimes only one hit can decide the outcome of the fight. So let’s be patient, and on August 24th we will witness everything before our very own eyes!!!
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