Today, the opening of the club LION IALOVENI


Сегодня состоялось открытие клуба LION IALOVENI


Today, the opening of the club LION IALOVENI
This club will be part of LION ACADEMY and will become the tenth branch office in our country.
„I am confident that the opening of the club will positively affect the upbringing and discipline of athletes, the most important is a healthy lifestyle and exercise.” said the chairman of the district Ialoven Lilian Karmanov.
„Thanks to the support of Octavian I managed to become a part of the family of the LYON club, I am very happy about it,” said Director Vitalie Florya.
„We are still waiting for new discoveries about which you will soon find out, I am sure that new champions will be brought up in this hall,” President LION ACADEMY told Orheian Octavian.
The new club received a gift from the FEA sports equipment and equipment.