October 1st 2016 will become a remarkable day in the world of martial arts.


Александр Бурдужа представит Молдову в четверке бойцов категории до 95кг


Александр Бурдужа представит Молдову в четверке бойцов категории до 95кг


KOK (King Of Kings) vol. 39 will comprise four fighters in the light heavyweight division up to 95kg that represent such countries as Ukraine, Turkey, Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Ukraine will be represented by a fighter who has already been on Chisinau ring. His name is Sergei Lubchenco. On the 19th of September 2014 he had a duel on the Chisinau ring against Pavel Voronin. Back then Sergei won by the decision of judges.
Gekhan Gedik is a Turkish representative trained in the Dutch club Mike Jim under the strict supervision of Mike Passenier. Last year was quite a successful one in his career. He can be proud of his wins over a number of very good fighters. He has great hands, which allow him to show good results in boxing. On March 19th this year, he fought against Sergei Masloboev, but lost by a unanimous decision of judges. For sure, in case of a victory in the top four, Gekhan will be able to ask for a fight for the belt and get even with Masloboev.

Danuts Hurduk is a fighter of a well-known club Scorpions from Iasi, Romania. On April 9th he won the fight against the Moroccan Chahboune in the Chisinau ring. Danuts is being trained by the famous Constantin Mihai. Among his sparring partners we can name such celebrities as Moroshanu, Ciobanu and Dorin Robert. Hurduk is one of the youngest and promising fighters in the light heavyweight division and he continues to prove this from day to day.
Republic of Moldova will be represented in four by Alexander Burduja. Adoptee of the Lyon club last year he became the winner of the VENUM tournament. Alexander has 9 fights on his account and the title of vice champion of VENUM WORLD SERIES 2015. In the last fight of the tournament on April 9th, he lost to a Czech rival Vasiliy Dukar. In the last match, Alexander started the fight very well and was on the verge to send the opponent in a knockout. However, one missed punch from Dukar shifted the balance and changed the whole match not in Burduja’s favor. But on October 1st he will rise again in the ring to win by applying all the work invested and experience obtained.