April 29 (Friday holiday) press conference held at the Hotel Metropolitan Edmont in Tokyo Iidabashi, June 24 (Friday)



Впервые в истории молдавский боец представит нашу страну на знаменитом турнире K-1 WGP 2016 в Японии.



April 29 (Friday holiday) press conference held at the Hotel Metropolitan Edmont in Tokyo Iidabashi, June 24 (Friday) National Yoyogi „K-1 will be held in the stadium the second gymnasium WORLD GP 2016 Squad player – a combination of ~ -65kg world\’s most powerful decision tournament – „has been announced.

 Combination and all eight players to compete in the -65kg champion Kaew, Willa Saku Lek and -65kg Japan representative decision -65kg world\’s most powerful decision tournament won tournaments Yamazaki participation of Hideaki has been decided has decided finally.

 The conference attended by Kensaku Maeda K-1 producer, introduced the participating players with the first round of the competition card. He told the enthusiasm towards the game, respectively. (※ conference absent player was reading comments from the moderator)

First round, the first game was a battle of Sutanisurabu-Renita with the title of -65kg champion of big events KOK Yamazaki and Eastern Europe to compete in the tournament as a representative of Japan.

 Renita at this time K-1\’s first war, „very aggressive fighter to weapon the early punches and rotation rush force out before while Petite” Maeda producer says. „GOLDENFIST” s first round of ding-dong is expected Yamazaki with a (golden fist).

Sutanisurabu, Renita
„K-1 race and the tournament played for me has a big meaning. Yourself heavyweight fighters from boyhood was looking at the K-1 to be active. Someday myself of that K-1 Standing in the ring, I wanna trace the history, I have thought so.

 And similarly their coach, I want to know Moldova is my home country all over the world. Moldova is but a small country, in this country want to tighten know that there are wonderful fighter that never fall to grab the win. „

Hideaki Yamazaki
I would like to tighten know what kind of game can be in what style as „representative of Japan. But you telling me Renita player does not decrease, I think that to me if aggressive game to come in such stance from .1R and a game that does not release the eye. attention thank you in I keep polish GOLDENFIST to until the day.

Powerful players (Renita is) fast rotation. I think former Mike Zambidis in the Omowasu such aggressive that it is a powerful player. So I mean mate is with me. Just without causing rely on the opponent\’s attack, I want to fight to be regretted that You wanted to defeat against their own and said, „does not fall. \'”


Впервые в истории молдавский боец представит нашу страну на знаменитом турнире K-1 WGP 2016 в Японии.

Followed by the first round, the second game is a foreigner showdown by Ilias Bride and American Chris Maseri was cornered up one step after the champion Kaew in the other day of the 4-24 Yoyogi tournament.

 Maseri even in the same K-1\’s first war player and Renita, worked as a top fighter of America\’s largest Muay Thai event „Lion Fight”. Although usually is often the game in the Muay Thai rules, in the fighter type of punch principal, it became the long-awaited K-1 debut.

 Also Bride because it has fought in the big events Enfusion of Europe, would say that the world was able to K-1\’s why realization that Europe × the United States has become the meeting together of interest.

Chris Maseri
„that can be played for the first time in K-1, and -65kg you think of being able to compete in very honored to the tournament. On behalf of the United States, the top fighter opponent of the world can try out their own technology .K-1 of I can not stop excitement and I think that it is possible to show their ability in martial arts fans in the ring. „

Ilias Bride
„I\’m think human beings to enter the top three in the world in the -65kg. So I\’m very happy determine the tournament race. To be a harsh tournament will no doubt, but the difference of the other players and the case show me, and always have their own give an imitation of victory.

 When I played for the first time in K-1 was KO tight in the reserve fight. It was not able to enter in Unfortunately tournament finals, but already in all of the Japanese fans have thought that was able to appeal to the existence of their own. Be sure to win, become the tournament champion. „

First round, the third game is a rematch of Masaaki Noiri × Masaro-Guranda. Yamazaki in Japan representative decision tournament finals and NoEburi which waged a fierce fight. Maeda producer „I missed what victory but, as asked organizers recommendation I want to fight the world\’s powerhouse decided to compete,” talk to, the revenge match with Guranda that suffered a TKO defeat in last year April It was organized.

really glad supposed to „finally be able to compete in the tournament. This is concentrated all of their own towards the tournament, Japan to go. Boy has come when it comes to man in the past the best of condition always until now „

Masaaki Noiri
I am grateful to be able to „compete in the world tournament. I think the player who lost the Japan representative decision tournament are also those who think why? And, reminiscent of that it was good to participate the field Evry also to the people we are playing.

I (and Guranda) I have once against, I think that it is a player the length of the black-specific spring and limbs. Long-sought the title of the world I want to get in their own power. „

 And it appeared -65kg champion Kaew in the first round, the first four games, the decision is against the HIROYA. Japan HIROYA But of the best 4 is a representative decision tournament „Grasp the fan of the mind in the fierce fight, received a desire to see the HIROYA player in the world tournament from many people after the tournament, I decided to sponsor recommendation” (Maeda Producer) .

 VS Japanese undefeated, was one round of the scheme to challenge the HIROYA to champion Kaew that victory even from foreigners that Guranda and bridesmaids this year.

now that I am allowed to compete in the tournament in the „slipped. More than going to out is a good game of abandon. Please expect because I wanted the fight much the Kaew player. (From here in Thai towards Kaew) it is I\’m glad it is possible to fight in June. since the firm fight with full force to practice thank you. „

Kaew – Willa Saku REC
„We are delighted to be able to compete again tournament. Fun game to be I think to be even happy that .HIROYA players is I want to fight with me, of or fan in June everyone I think if I saw in. (HIROYA is) even came up I believe that good players among even kick also very nice .K-1 punch recently techniques „

 Yamazaki In the question-and-answer session attended the conference, NoEburi, Kaew, a question for 4 players of HIROYA went up.

 Kaew to challenge the tournament as -65kg champion. This day is to had been fighting while feeling a strong feeling of become the conference attendance, along with Japanese players, „Japanese players were not feel that you are fighting in the mind and feelings. Opponent, it is delighted while the honor to have, „said the feelings of Japanese players,” Japanese players, and foreign players, which is not related even came up to win, „said the self-confidence to win in the mouth.

 It is Yamazaki of burning to revenge to its Kaew. Nde had suffered a „loss how to say oh in the first tournament of the nascent K-1 (※ decision defeat to depressed fracture of the forehead on the left high kick of the Kaew), now live to be revenge to Kaew players sustenance and training we also become a driving force. now there is only in my head that to win won the Kaew player in the final, „said talks about the passion to overthrow Kaew.

 4, 24 Yoyogi of Kaew in one dawn conference tournament „over kicking is not hit.” When asked about the remark, „I want to rely on is so, I would like to assemble as hit. I think it probably hit” and I was poking the rivalry.

 Field Every contained in the same block and Kaew declared a revenge to the Yamazaki that are lost in the Japan representative decision tournament final. „What you need to win, got loose going up to the finals got the previous damage. Nde this time is making a style for the tournament, it is I think that if good result comes out that Hamare” and in the world tournament swear a comeback.

 Also HIROYA to challenge the Kaew in the first round is will lose in the field Every kun in the semifinals in the „Japan representative decision tournament, I do not know whether or put out what percent of your ability in that game, I think that there are things that put out still. I want out of their ability, so I think lead to there to enjoy the game, I think I want to fight to enjoy „and” enjoy „it was listed in the theme.

 Battle to determine the world\’s most powerful K-1-65kg. Who is the last standing at the apex! ?

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