Pavel Zhuravlev and Benjamin Adegbuyi – special guests on KOK WGP 2016 in Moldova.


Павел Журавлев и Бенжамин Адегбуи почетные гости турнира KOK WGP 2016 in Moldova.


Pavel Zhuravlev and Benjamin Adegboui guests of honor of the KOK WGP 2016 Middleveight Tournament in Moldova tournament.
Two best heavyweights of the world will arrive as guests of honor on the KOK tournament, it is about the Ukrainian fighter Pavel Zhuravlev and the representative of Romania Benjamin Adegbuyi. Zhuravlev the frequent enough arrives in Kishinev, as as a guest so as a fighter. He is already accepted as it and he really became the favourite of public getting a nomination with such name on Gala К- 1 2015.
Benjamin  Adegbuyi that broke through a road the persistence in the not simple world of single combats. Will arrive to Kishinev and will become the second guest of tournament KOK. We will mark that    Adegbuyi of March, 19 conducted a duel against our a compatriot Maxim Bolotov against whom won on points within the RESPECT taken place in Madrid tournament. It should be noted that Bolotov very well acted and made more than the worthy competition to Benjamin.
Who knows can prominent guests will gather to talk regarding the duel of  Zhuravlev- Adegbuyi 3.
In fact to the present moment for them not played off old scores. We will remind that in the floor finale Grand Prix Superkombat of Decembers, 22, 2012  Adegbuyi lost to  Zhuravlev a knockout. a knock-out. And exactly in a year  in a finale Grand Prix Superkombat of December, 21 2013 already Zhuravlev falls in a knock-out from   Adegbuyi. Therefore account for them while 1: 1.
Tickets for a tournament can be got in cash desk of opera and ballet theater Maria Biyeshu phone of cash desk 022 24-51-04. Operating mode: Tuesday-Sunday from 9:00 till 18:00 (day off – Monday). Tickets on the VIP place and parter designated on the scheme can be ordered by phone 079406906. Detailed plan of the hall