Sport review 27 april 2015



Спортивный обзор 27 апреля 2015

Interview with Andrei Grosu.

Спортивный обзор 27 апреля 2015


Wladimir Klitschko wins his 18th consecutive heavyweight title defense

furious 12 rounds of boxing Wladimir Klitschko remains the undisputed
heavyweight champion of the world. He defended his IBF, WBA, WBO, IBO
and „The Ring Magazine” titles in the almost sold out Madison Square
Garden, New York, while contender Bryant Jennings suffered the first
loss of his still young professional career standing now at 19-1. The
final scores of Wladimir’s 64th win in his 67th fight as a professional
are 116-111, 116-111, 118-109.

Both fighters started the  fight
with a more defensive approach but the further the fight went the more
both tried to break the opponent’s defense. It was Jennings who started
attacking in the second round throwing some wild punches at Wladimir.
None of them were really dangerous for the champ who stayed focused and
stroke back way more effective than Jennings, landing a solid left right
combination to his head.

In the fifth round fans and spectators
in the arena could tell both fighters had warmed up. In a very
aggressive round both fighters were very offensive. Wladimir could land
solid situated hits while Jennings kept throwing wild punches. Some of
them connecting to Wladimir. Klitschko and Jennings cheers rang out in a
heated atmosphere at the Garden. At the end it was a Jennings round.

following rounds the picture remained the same as Wladimir always
stayed in control of the fight, landing the better punches but he could
not bring down his strong right on Jennings.  Jennings also landing good
hits in those round. A hit with KO quality could never be landed by
either both of them. So it turned out the end of the fight was
predictable in the last couple of rounds. Wladimir just had to be sure
to maneuver away from Jenning’s wild punches.

At the press
conference Jennings presented himself as a good sportsman positively
addressing Wladimir’s way to fight as a veteran in the sport of boxing.
By far he is not disappointed with his own performance: „I think I went
out there and did what I was supposed to do”. Fighting against the
champion he described as different from what he thought it would be
like: „According to what I\’ve seen Klitschko doing in the past. It
didn\’t feel like it always looks. Every time he tried something big I
moved from it.” His coach Fred Jenkins Sr. added: „He did not lay a
scratch on Jennings. That’s interesting for a re-fight. Bryant Jennings
himself is still self-confident even after his first loss: „I\’m here, I
was there, I was in there, this still is like a dream to me. I never
imagined to achieve that. „

Wladimir expected a tough Challenge
fighting Jennings and it turned out that he was right: „Honestly Bryant
was tough to hit. I could not find the key, the right distance.” Further
he added:” Jennings was challenging, he was trying his own way. I need
to give him respect for that”. Most of the fans and spectators expected a
more exciting fight but it depends on the style Klitschko explained:
„to tango it needs two and the styles make the fight.” Coach Johnathon
Banks further explained: „Jennings is usually offensive. Today he didn\’t
do that. He did not throw a lot of punches.” The final punch statistics
underline this statement. Wladimir had 545 punches thrown while
Jennings had 376. It seemed as he was very careful and not risking too

At the end it is about the result Wladimir pointed out: „I
could have done better. I blame myself for that. A win is a win and the
Klitschko Story continues.”






Спортивный обзор 27 апреля 2015




Albuquerque PD: UFC champion Jon Jones named suspect in hit-and-run accident

Update: Jon Jones has been named a suspect in the case.

champion Jon Jones is being sought for questioning in a hit-and-run car
accident, an Albuquerque Police Department spokesman told on Sunday.

A woman\’s car was struck Sunday
morning in Albuquerque, N.M., and the offender in the other vehicle fled
the scene, per Albuquerque PD spokesman Simon Drobik. The case is
currently under investigation and Albuquerque PD would like to speak
with Jones regarding the matter. Drobik could not confirm if Jones was a
suspect in the incident.

There is no warrant for Jones\’ arrest.
The police are currently just seeking him for questioning. Albuquerque
PD is still attempting to hash out all the details of the case.

„[We] don\’t know where he is right now,” Drobik said of Jones. „We\’re trying to figure that out.”

woman, whose name was withheld by Albuquerque PD, was rushed to the
hospital with „non-life threatening injuries,” Drobik said.

Jones is a resident of Albuquerque and trains out of Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA in the New Mexico city.

is scheduled to defend his title against Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 on
May 23 in Las Vegas. Reports surfaced Sunday on Twitter that Jones was
out of the fight with Johnson. But Johnson\’s manager Glenn Robinson told on Sunday afternoon that he had not heard anything
about the fight being off.



Спортивный обзор 27 апреля 2015
Спортивный обзор 27 апреля 2015




UFC 186 results: Nordine Taleb cruises past Chris Clements for scorecard sweep

Fighting Championship (UFC) limps into the Great White North with a
re-worked UFC 186: „Johnson vs. Horiguchi” pay-per-view (PPV) event,
which is set to storm Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on Sat.,
April 25, 2015.


It\’s not what it once was, but the show must go on regardless.

the rematch between Bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw vs. Renan
Barao postponed because of injury, carrying UFC 186 fell on the „Mighty”
shoulders of Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, who will collide
with Kyoji Horiguchi in the pay-per-view (PPV) main event this Saturday
night (April 25, 2015) inside Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

That\’s not all.

186 will also feature a 215-pound catchweight bout between former Light
Heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson against Fabio Maldonado in the
co-main event after a court injunction was lifted at the last minute
(read more details here), as well as a Middleweight match up between
Michael Bisping and C.B. Dollaway.

All that and much more.
will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire
UFC 186 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass „Prelims” matches
online, which are scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. ET, and then the
remaining under card balance on FOX Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET before the PPV
main card start time at 10 p.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in
before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts
on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or
186) before you split and chat with all the other Maniacs during the
show – it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after „Johnson vs. Horiguchi.”

further delay, see below for the latest UFC 186 results. (Note: This
will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the
latest detailed round-by-round action.)


UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson vs. Kyoji Horiguchi –
Johnson def. Horiguchi by submission (armbar) at 4:59 of Round Five
    Quinton Jackson vs. Fabio Maldonado – Jackson def. Maldonado by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)
    Michael Bisping vs. C.B. Dollaway – Bisping def. Dollaway by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
    John Makdessi vs. Shane Campbell – Makdessi def. Campbell by TKO (punches) at 4:53 of Round One
    Thomas Almeida vs. Yves Jabouin – Almeida def. Jabouin by TKO (punches) at 4:18 of Round One
    Patrick Cote vs. Joe Riggs – Cote def. Riggs by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
    Sarah Kaufman vs. Alexis Davis – Davis def. Kaufman by submission (armbar) at 1:52 of Round Two
    Bryan Barberena vs. Chad Laprise – Laprise def. Barberena by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. David Michaud – Aubin-Mercier def. Michaud
by submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:24 of Round Three
    Chris Clements vs. Nordine Taleb – Taleb def. Clements by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
    Valerie Letourneau vs. Jessica Rakoczy – Letourneau def. Rakoczy by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
    Aisling Daly vs. Randa Markos – Markos def. Daly by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)


UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson vs. Kyoji Horiguchi

one: Johnson switching stance early. Glancing body kick from Horiguchi.
Good right hook by the champ, answered by a body kick. Leg kick from
MM. One minute in. Johnson retreats from a rush. Low single attempt
fails. Inside low kick lands for him. Johnson catches a body kick and
shoots in against the cage. Two minutes in. Horiguchi defending the
takedown so far. Horiguchi tries to break out of the clinch, manages to
do so. High kick from Johnson blocked, punching combination lands for
him and he takes Horiguchi down on the fence. Two minutes to go.

with his back on the fence, seated. Shoulder strikes from Johnson.
Johnson tries to step into mount and Kyoji uses it to stand. One minute
to go. Low kick from Kyoji. Horiguchi just misses with a rushing kick,
does land a right straight. Johnson catches another body kick. Bell.
10-9 Johnson.

Round two: Both men flinging strikes, Johnson
cracks him with a flying knee. Horiguchi blitzes, landing a good knee
that Johnson shoots in on. Johnson tries to change levels. Horiguchi
trips him down on the fence. Johnson stands and eats a right hook as
Kyoji separates. One minute in. Johnson shoots and completes a takedown
of his own, this one also against the fence. Two minutes in. Johnson so
far unable to do damage on the ground. Knee to the body from Johnson as
Kyoji stands, after which Johnson grabs the front headlock. Another knee
and right hand as Kyoji stands. Johnson takes him down yet again. Two
minutes to go.

Good knee from Johnson as he stands. Horiguchi
makes space, gets taken down again. Kyoji stands and separates. Body
shot from Horiguchi. Kyoji catches a head kick, can\’t use it. Left hook
by Johnson as he shoots. One minute to go. Knee to the body by Johnson.
Horiguchi stands and presses him against the fence, eating strikes on
the exit. Kyoji blitz falls short. He catches a body kick and eats a
hard right hand. Johnson drags him down yet again before the bell. 10-9

Round three: Johnson low kicks early. Body kick from the
champ. Johnson shoots in, Kyoji stays up. Low kick from the challenger.
Johnson sprawled on. Kyoji lands a knee from the front headlock before
they split. One minute in. Johnson grabs the rear waistlock and wrangles
him to the mat. Horiguchi working to scramble up, gets to his knees on
the fence. Johnson knees the body as he stands, Horiguchi answers.
Another knee from Johnson, but Kyoji cracks him with a pair of hooks as
Johnson pursues. Two minutes in. Body kick by Johnson. Kyoji with a low
kick, catches a high kick. Johnson shoots, Horiguchi stays up. Johnson
ducks a leaping hook and takes him down into guard. Two minues to go.

passes to half guard. He quickly passes to side control on the opposite
side, working to isolate Horiguchi\’s left arm. One minute to go.
Horiguchi trying to strike off his back. Johnson gets the crucifix,
dropping hammerfists. He doesn\’t get to spend long there before the
round ends. 10-9 Johnson

Round four: Body kick by Johnson, then a
leg kick. Counter right by Kyoji. Johnson shoots, settles for landing a
right hand. Horiguchi catches a kick. Right hand from Kyoji, which
Johnson uses to move to the rear waistlock. He briefly drags Horiguchi
down. Both land right hands in the clinch. One minute in. Johnson shoots
immediately on the break, Horiguchi worms out. Johnson shoots yet again
and gets the challenger to one knee on the fence. Horiguchi stands.
Horiguchi tries a throw and Johnson gets the rear waistlock. Good body
knee by the champ. Two minutes in. Kyoji gets back to his feet and
separates. Johnson low kick stumbles the challenger. Body kick from
Johnson, then a jumping one. Johnson shoots again. Horiguchi tries a
trip. Two minutes to go.

Right hand and high knee from Johnson as
he ties up again. Horiguchi makes space, eats a body kick. Good counter
elbow by Horiguchi, after which he stuffs a shot. One minute to go.
Horiguchi presses him against the fence. Johnson spins free. Hotiguchi
catches a high kick and tries a takedown. Good body kick by Johnson
after stuffing it. 10-9 Johnson.

Round five: Johnson catches
Kyoji coming in and completes a single-leg. Horiguchi works for a
triangle, which Johnson uses to pass. Johnson in side control. Horiguchi
hip escapes and gets to his knees. One minute in. Johnson in the front
headlock, moves to the seatbelt grip. Horiguchi makes space and lands a
couple of good punches as Johnson chases. Johnson runs the pipe on
another single-leg. Two minutes in. Johnson on top in half guard.
Johnson looks to attack the far arm and Kyoji stands, avoiding an RNC in
the process. Johnson shoots again and puts him on his rear. Two minutes
to go.

Horiguchi with his back on the fence, bleeding from his
nose. He stands and Johnson plants him again. MM passes to side control,
Now he\’s working towards the challenger\’s back. Good knee to the body.
One minute to go. Horiguchi stands and separates. Body kick by Johnson,
who dumps him again and tries to take the back from the crucifix.
Horiguchi reverses and JOhnson grabs the mounted crucifix, drilling
Horiguchi with punches. In a flash, he hops over to the opposite side
and slaps on an armbar that forces Horiguchi to tap, so close to the end
of the fight that the bell sounds as he\’s tapping.

Final result: Johnson def. Horiguchi by submission (armbar)


215 lbs.: Quinton Jackson vs. Fabio Maldonado

one: Rampage checks a low kick. Fabio tries to rush in, takes a
glancing left hook. Low kick by Rampage. Fabio waves him on and Rampage
obliges, clubbing him with rights to the head and body before clinching.
One minute in. Rampage kneeing the body. Short uppercut by Rampage on
the break. Jab to the body from Fabio, check hook by Rampage. Knee to
the body from Jackson. Two minutes in. Fabio left hook blocked, Rampage
flurries inside. Low kick by Jackson. Left hook from the Brazilian.
Right to the gut. Short uppercut from Jackson. Fabio jabs the body and
avoids a rush. Another short upper by Rampage. Two minutes to go.

right by Fabio, then Rampage tees off on him on the fence with punches
and body knees. Rampage pressing him against the cage. Fabio reverses.
Fabio landing short blows to the body. One minute to go. Body kick by
Rampage. Fabio to the body, Rampage answers and lands an uppercut
upstairs. Left hook by the Brazilian. Fabio leaps in with a left hook,
then ducks a head kick. Rampage knees the body near the bell. 10-9

Round two: Fabio comes in with a left hook, eats an
uppercut inside. Rampage complains of a poke. Left hook by Rampage.
Fabio moves him to the fence and looks to punch the body. Rampage grabs
the Thai plum briefly. Short left hook from the Brazilian. One minute
in. Rampage makes room and separates. Straight right lands for Jackson,
as does a body shot for Fabio. Short lefts from Maldonado, who takes
Rampage to the fence again. Rampage knees the body as Fabio sneaks in
body shots. Rampage circles off. Good jab from Rampage. Short shots from
Rampage and Fabio waves him on. Two minutes in. Fabio to the body in
the clinch. Rampage does the same. Body kick from Rampage, then a nice
left hook upstairs. Fabio jabs the body. Maldonado takes him to the
fence, landing body punches at close range. Two minutes to go.

lands an elbow, eats a body shot. Maldonado chiseling away with body
shots. Rampage circles off and seems fatigued. Right to the body from
the American, then a leg kick. Short uppercut from Maldonado. Body jab.
One minute to go. Rampage cracks him with another uppercut inside, then
another. Jackson body kick. Short uppercut from Rampage, then a 1-2.
Maldonado circling. Fabio hits an inside trip. Rampage tries to strike
from his back. 10-9 Maldonado.

Round three: Fabio moving forward,
jabs the body. Rampage leg kick checked, combo blocked. Lead right from
the Brazilian, then to the body. Rampage lands a loud right to the
body. One minute in. Fabio pursuing with the jab. Jackson low kick and
body jab. Left hook from Jackson, Maldonado answers. Right to the body,
Rampage answers. Two minutes in. Short uppercut from Jackson. Rampage
tries a tired overhand right. They trade jabs. Nice combination by the
American. Two minutes to go.

Rampage to the body, then with the
uppercut. Leg kick lands. Right to the body from Jackson. Maldonado
presses him against the fence, looking for body punches. Left hook by
Maldonado on the exit. Fabio catches a kick, eats an elbow and left
hook. Flurry from Rampage. Another good flurry by the American. Left
hook by Maldonado, then body shots met by a flurry upstairs. Maldonado
takes him to the fence, eats an elbow on the break. The two jaw at each
other before the bell, then hug afterwards. 10-9 Jackson.

Final result: Jackson def. Maldonado by unanimous decision


185 lbs.: Michael Bisping vs. C.B. Dollaway

one: Bisping sticking out the jab. Leg kick from Dollaway, then to the
inside. The latter catches cup, prompting a pause. Dollaway low kick.
Bisping head kick blocked. Low kick from Bisping, Dollaway tries to go
high. One minute in. Both men active with their jabs. Bisping low kick.
Dollaway shoots, stuffed. Two minutes in. Nice straight from Bisping
during an exchange. Bisping low kick. Dollaway lands a body kick.
Sweeping right hand lands for the Brit, then a left hook at the end of a
combination. Two minutes to go.

Lead right by Dollaway connects.
Bisping head kick blocked. Lead left hook by Dollaway. Bisping lands a
leg kick. Bisping tries a spinning back kick, then eats a low kick. One
minute to go. Long left hand lends for Bisping, who is then dropped with
a big left hook. Dollaway drops into his guard to pound away. Bisping
has his wits back, so Dollaway is standing over him. Bisping scrambles
up and Dollaway rampages after him, landing several good shots before
eating a head kick at the bell from a resurgent Bisping. 10-9 Dollaway.

two: Dollaway leg kick checked. Bisping lands a left hook, nearly eats a
hook on the exit. 1-2 from Bisping, then a lead left hook. Bisping
moving his head well. One minute in. Bisping low kick. 1-2 from The
Count, then a sweeping right hand in the next exchange. Bisping tries to
go high, blocked. Running knee attempt. Two minutes in. C.B. shoots in
behind a right hand, Bisping limp-legs out. 1-1-2 from Bisping, then a
pair of straights on a retreating Dollaway. Wheel kick attempt. Two
minutes to go.

Bisping counters a low kick with punches. Body
kick from Bisping. Right hand lands for him. Right hand hits the temple
and buzzes Dollaway. C.B. shoots in, is rebuked. Bisping has him on the
fence and is throwing volume, but Dollaway is firing back. Dollaway
seems out of danger as their exchanges move back to the center. One
minute to go. Bisping eats a left hook after landing a combination. Once
again. Bisping body kick lands. Bisping falls well short with a wheel
kick. Dollaway shoots in and runs the pipe on a single-leg, ending the
round in Bisping\’s guard. 10-9 Bisping.

Round three: Lead left
hook from Dollaway early on. Bisping cracks him with a 1-2 and pivots
off. Bisping left hook, then a head kick blocked. C;B. tries to go high,
then puts Bisping on his back against the fence. Bisping scrambles up
at the one-minute mark. BIsping low kick. Good left hook by Dollaway.
Bisping catches a kick and blasts him with a pir of punches. Another
lead hook form the American, who eats a long left from Bisping. Hard
right hand by Bisping prompts Dollaway to shake his head. Two minutes
in. Check hook by C.B. Bisping catches a kick and connects on a 2-3.
Straight right lands for him. Good head kick attempt. Low kicks land for
him. Two minutes to go.

Dollaway with a lead right and a shot,
which Bisping sprawls on. Dollaway connects as Bisping tries to
re-establish his footing. Clubbing left hook from Bisping. Bisping low
kicks. Bisping head kick blocked. One minute to go. Lead right from
Dollaway, who shoots in on the fence. Bisping grabs the cage to stop a
takedown, then smacks him with a left hook. Dolloaway pulls guard and
eats a series of punches from the Brit. C.B. tries a Granby roll,
getting to his feet in the ensuing scramble. Bisping cracks him with a
big right hand in the final exchange. 10-9 Bisping.

Final result: Bisping def. Dollaway by unanimous decision


160 lbs.: John Makdessi vs. Shane Campbell

one: Campbell looking for low kicks early, landing three in the first
fifteen seconds. Good body kicks from Shaolin. Makdessi catches one, but
Campbell scrambles up. Makdessi catches another kick and shoots in on
the fence. One minute in. Makdessi looking for a single-leg, can\’t
complete it. Good right by Campbell. Makdessi lands a pair of punches
inside. Campbell with a led right hook, body kick, and low kick.
Makdessi counters an uppercut with a right straight. More low kicks from
Campbell. Two minutes in. Counter left from Makdessi, who eats a body
kick. Makdessi left hook, Campbell knee and leg kick. niec overhand
right from Makdessi, met by a low kick. Campbell shoots and is flung
off. Makdessi whacks him inside, then eats some kicks as he separates.
Makdessi doing well in punching range and levels Campbell with a right
hand. Two minutes to go.

Makdessi pounding away, looking to
finish. Campbell gets to his feet, but Makdessi keeps pouring on the
punches. Campbell unsteady on his feet. „Shaolin” shoots in . One minute
to go. Makdessi grabs the fence to stop a takedown. They separate and
Makdessi cracks him with another right hand. Makdessi catches a kick and
waves Campbell up when he falls. Makdessi with a body shot and left
hook, followed by another huge right hand that sends Campbell to the
floor. There\’s no escape this time and he drops punches until the
referee steps in.

Final result: Makdessi def. Campbell by TKO (punches)


135 lbs.: Thomas Almeida vs. Yves Jabouin

one: Almeida low kick. Jabouin avoids a left hook. Body kick from
Jabouin. One minute in. Almeida low kick. Another body kick from
Jabouin. Jabuin shoots in off an Almeida left hook, taking him down into
guard. Almeida makes it to his feet, then takes a left hook as he
circles out. Good right from the Brazilian. Two minutes in. Jabouin body
kjick, Almeida body shot and overhand right. Jabouin body kick after
both whiff on rights. Jabouin tries a spinning back kick and eats a body
shot. Almeida pops him with a straight right and a body shot. Two
minutes to go.

Jabouin landing his kicks, but he\’s struggling to
keep Almeida away from him. Spinning back kick by Jabouin, then a hard
right hand. Almeida highly aggressive, landing body punches and
overhands. Good right from the Brazilian. Jabouin lands a right, but
gets buzzed by a left hook. Almeida unloading on the fence, ripping to
the head and body until the referee steps into save the Canadian.

Final result: Almeida def. Jabouin by TKO (punches)



170 lbs.: Patrick Cote vs. Joe Riggs

one: Cote looking for body kicks early. 3-2 from Riggs, who quickly
drags Cote down and takes his back. Both hooks in for Riggs. Cote on his
feet, Riggs attached. One minute in. Cote working to dislodge him and
does so after removing a hook. Short punches from Cote in top position.
Riggs working his way up, eating short shots. Cote changes levels, gets
Riggs to his seat. Two minutes in. Cote landing ground-and-pound and
working to drag Riggs\’ hips away from the fence. Riggs gets to one knee.
Two minutes to go.

Riggs back to his feet, Cote completes a
single-leg and avoids a guillotine in the process. More punches from
„The Predator. Riggs back up and right back down. Cote passes to half
guard. One minute to go. Cote looking for a Kimura, loses the grip. Cote
passes to side control. Riggs scrambles up and Cote tries a throw
before the bell. 10-9 Cote.

Round two: Cote opens with an inside
low kick. Riggs tries a Superman punch. Cote lands a right hand, then
eats a huge one from Riggs and ties up. Riggs pressing him against the
cage, tries to change levels. One minute in. Good elbow from Riggs. Knee
to the body and an elbow on the break. Cote tries an uppercut, lands an
overhand. Two minutes in. Cote lands a right to the body, gets jabbed
in the nuts. Riggs with a counter right after blocking a left hook.
Riggs low kick. Cote ducks a Superman punch and they tie up. Two minutes
to go.

Riggs takes Cote to the fence. Cote tries a throw, can\’t
get it but manages to scramble up. Riggs still has him on the fence.
Hard elbow by Riggs. One minute to go. Riggs separates. Clinch in center
cage. Cote tries that same throw and Riggs takes his back before the
bell. 10-9 Riggs.

Round three: Cote pushing forward. Riggs steps
in with a knee and ties up. Riggs takes him down. Cote scrambles up,
only to fall into a guillotine. Riggs rolls him over with it and takes
his back. One minute in. Body triangle for Riggs. Now hooks. Cote spins
into guard and begins dropping right hands and elbows. Two minutes in.
Cote staying active, though not landing anything big. Two minutes to go.

tossing up his legs, not getting close to anything. Riggs is scooting
towards the fence. Cote passes to half guard, then side control. One
minute to go. Riggs makes it to one knee, then his feet. Cote changes
levels. Riggs shrugs off a takedown with underhooks and gets the rear
waistlock. Knees from Riggs. Cote tries to hit the switch and gives up
his back. A scramble ensues and he looks for a deep half guard sweep,
where the fight ends. 10-9 Cote.

Final result: Cote def. Riggs by unanimous decision


135 lbs.: Sarah Kaufman vs. Alexis Davis

one: Both women tentative early. Davis pops her with a jab, eats a
right hand. Good exchange inside. Right hand by Kaufman, and again. One
minute in. 1-2 on the counter. Davis willing to exchange, but eating
right hands every time. Left hook lands for Kaufman and they clinch,
trading dirty boxing. Davis reverses on the fence, looking for a
takedown. Two minutes in. Kaufman reverses and lands a good knee before
they separate. Another pair of right hands from Kaufman as she eats a
leg kick. Kaufman with a front kick to the body. 1-2 from Kaufman, then a
teep. Two-piece counter. Leg kick from Davis. Two minutes to go.

counters a low kick with a combination, then punches into the clinch
after eating a body kick. Elbow by Kaufman. Knee to the body from Davis.
They jockey for position. Davis changes levels for a single-leg. One
minute to go. Kaufman extracts her leg and reverses position. Knee from
Kaufman and an elbow on the break. Kaufman uppercut and right hand,
Davis uppercut. They trade right hands. Bell, 10-9 Kaufman.

two: Kaufman right hand, Davis leg kick. Kaufman left hook, Davis right
hand. Double right hand from Kaufman. Leg kick exchange. Good right
hand. Davis landing low kicks and punches, but not with the same force.
One minute in. Teep by Kaufman. Counter right lands. Body kick from
Davis. 1-2-3 from Kaufman gets Davis\’ attention. Two minutes in. Kaufman
catches a body kick and clinches, which allows Davis to hit a throw
into mount. Davis quickly locks up a triangle. Kaufman spins to top
position, still in the triangle. Kaufman landing punches while in the
submission. Davis switches to the armbar and this one earns the tap.

Final result: Davis def. Kaufman by submission (armbar)


155 lbs.: Bryan Barberena vs. Chad Laprise

one: Barberena opens with a pair of hard low kicks. Another inside low
kick from the American. Head kick by Laprise lands. They trade low
kicks. Laprise low kick, Barberena 3-2. Laprise with a 1-2 after a
blocked head kick. One minute in. Counter right from Laprise. Barberena
low kick, counter combination from Laprise. Check hook from Laprise met
by a combination. Two minutes in. Laprise with a low kick after blocking
a head kick. Spinning back kick from the Canadian forces Barberena to
retreat. Head kick lands for him, then another. Laprise has Barberena on
the fence. Two minutes to go.

Two-piece counter combo from
Laprise. THey trade body kicks. Laprise just misses with a spinning back
kick and sticks him with the jab. Laprise leg kick. One minute to go.
Barberena firing kicks, eats a counter right. Lead right by Barberena.
Body kick blocked. Laprise tries to spin. Laprise head kick blocked.
Barberena in pursuit, eating more and more counters. He lands a low kick
at the bell. 10-9 Laprise.

Round two: Laprise looks for the high
kick early. Barberena struggling to reach him with his punches. Both
men whiff on right hands. Check hook and body kick from Laprise. Counter
right, combination. One minute in. Laprise body kick. Laprise with an
inside low kick. Quick exchange, both men connect. Counter combination
from Laprise. Kick exchange. Two minutes in. They briefly clinch and
Barberena tries a knee on the break. Low kick from Barberena. Again.
Laprise answers. Right hand from Barberena after missing a knee. LEad
right from the American, Laprise clinches. Good elbow from the Canadian
on the break. Two minutes to go.

Laprise leg kick. Barberena leg
kick countered. Good right hand by the Canadian. Wheel kick misses for
him. Barberena front kick. Good left by Barberena, met by a counter
flurry. One minute to go. Barberena low kick. Laprise blocksa  body kick
and whacks him with a right hand. Barberena eats a check hook during
his advance and they tie up. Laprise takes him wot the fence before the
bell. 10-9 Laprise.

Round three: Right hand by Barberena, then a
body kick. Laprise tries to tie up and eats an uppercut. Barberena head
kick blocked. One minute in. Laprise pops him with the jab. Head kick
blocked. Barberena clips and dumps Laprise to the mat. Laprise scrambles
back up and lands an elbow in the clinch. Laprise shoves him off. Two
minutes in. Short uppercut by Laprise. Hard right hand from Laprise.
Clinch. Barberena pressing him against the fence, where they trade knees
before splitting. Nice straight left from Barberena. Check hook by
Laprise as Barberena whacks him inside. Two minutes to go.

tries a spinning back kick, eats a body kick. Check hook, clinch.
Barberena landing short knees and an elbow before they exit. One minute
go Barberena on the advance, eats a spinning back kick to the face.
Barberena continuing to land, although he walks into a right hand. Lead
right from the Canadian, then a spinning back fist. They trade right
hands and Laprise tries to spin some more before the bell. 10-9

Final result: Laprise def. Brberena by unanimous decision


155 lbs.: Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. David Michaud

one: Tentative start to the fight. OAM head kick blocked. 1-2-3 form
the Canadian. Michaud tries a lead right. OAM changes levels as Michaud
steps in and dumps him against the fence. One minute in. Miched working
his way to his feet. OAM landing punches, refusing to let Michaud up. He
tries to take the back, can\’t do so. Two minutes in. Nice right hands
by OAM; Michaud can\’t get off of all fours. Knees to the legs from OAM,
who spins to take the back. Two minutes to go.

Both hooks in for
the Canadian. Now the body triangle. OAM landing punches from the back.
One minute to go. Michaud defending furiously. He manages to survive the
round. 10-9 Aubin-Mercier.

Round two: Michaud counters a low
kick with a right hand. Another right lands for him. Counter right when
Olivier tries an uppercut. OAM body kick. OAM shoots in, Michaud stuffs
it. One minute in. Check hook by the Canadian. Body kick connects. Lead
right by Michaud. Three-punch combo from Aubin-Mercier. Two minutes in.
Michaud sticks him with a jab. Counter right from the American drops
OAM. The Canadian manages to stand and beat a hasty retreat. Head kick
from OAM and a right hand. Body kick lands for him. OAM lands another
body kick that immediately folds Michaud. Michaud manages to survive the
punching attack, but OAM remains latched onto him. Two minutes to go.

doing what he did in the first round, muscling Michaud and landing
punches. Michaud breaks free and lands some punches on the break. Body
kick by OAM, then a counter left. One minute to go. Michaud tries a
wheel kick that falls well short, then counters a body kick with a right
hand. Michaud catches a body kick. Neither man lands in the last few
seconds. 10-9 Aubin-Mercier.

Round three: Michaud aggressive
early and OAM latches onto him. They swing about on the feet until OAM
takes him to the fence. Knees to the thigh from the Canadian. Michaud
complaining to the referee, gets his back taken soon after. One minute
in. Body triangle for Aubin-Mercier. After a brief struggle,
Aubin-Mercier locks up the choke and Michaud quickly submits.

Final result: Aubin-Mercier def. Michaud by submission (rear-naked choke)



170 lbs.: Chris Clements vs. Nordine Taleb

one: Taleb moving forward. Leg kick from Clements. Clements circling on
the fence, lands a body kick. Taleb catches one and lands a body kick
of his own. Clements fires off a body kick that hits cup. One minute in.
Clements lands a body kick. They trade low kicks. Clements body kick,
Taleb left hook. Clements comes back with an overhand right. Two minutes
in. Clements lands a spinning back kick and Taleb ties up. Knees from
Taleb. He completes an outside trip. Clements looks to scramble up and
Taleb grabs the front headlock. Clements gets free, is still pressed on
the fence. Two minutes to go.

Taleb connects with an elbow. They
separate, neither man landing on the break. Leg kicks from Clements,
Taleb catches the second one and takes him down into side control. Taleb
with some elbows. One minute to go. Clements regains guard, so Taleb
postures up and drops an elbow. He scores with a big pair of elbows
before the bell. 10-9 Taleb.

Round two: Right hand by Clements
early, then an uppercut when Taleb tries to tie up. Clements very
aggressive, which Taleb exploits to hit a double-leg into half guard.
One minute in. Elbows from Taleb. Clements gives up his back, then
mount. They scramble and Taleb winds up on top in side control. Two
minutes in. Good elbows from Taleb. Clements works to stand, gets dumped
again. Clements turtles, eating punches from Taleb. Two minutes to go.

stands with a Kimura grip, but loses it when he gets taken down and
tries to crank it. Taleb on top in open guard. More ground-and-pound by
Taleb. Nice right hand connects. One minute to go. Clements works up to
his seat, can\’t dislodge Taleb. Clements makes it to his feet before the
bell. 10-9 Taleb.

Round three: Clements tries a spinning back
kick, which Taleb uses to grab the rear waistlock and take him down.
Clements works his way up to turtle position. Taleb working towards the
back, muscling Clements around. One minute in. Clements scrambles up, so
Taleb dumps him again into side control. Two minutes in. Taleb
controlling with a cradle. Clements manages to work his way free and
they separate. Clements whiffs on a head kick. Clements wading forward,
lands a nice overhand right after connecting with an uppercut. Two
minutes to go.

Taleb on the retreat, lands a glancing head kick.
Again. Counter right by Taleb, Clements eats it. Taleb catches a leg
kick, drills him with a right hand, and takes him down once again. Taleb
on top in guard. One minute to go. Taleb goes back to the elbows.
Clements tries to shrimp, can\’t get free. Clements manages to get to a
knee, gets dumped again. Taleb takes side control and knees the body
before the bell. 10-9 Taleb.

Final result: Taleb def. Clements by unanimous decision


115 lbs.: Valerie Letourneau vs. Jessica Rakoczy

one: Jessica on the front foot. Rakoczy shoots in, moving her to the
fence. Dirty boxing from Rakoczy until Letourneau separates. Latourneau
thwarts a trip attempt, lands a leg kick. Counter knee as Rakoczy moves
into the clinch, landing to the body at close range. One minute in.
Rakoczy completes the takedown into side control, only for Letourneau to
quickly regain guard and slap on a triangle. Rakoczy tries to slam her
way out unsuccessfully. Rakoczy gives up the dominant angle and
Letourneau rolls her over. Two minutes in. Incredibly, Rakoczy gets free
and grabs the front headlock. Letourneau shoots in as they stand and
trips her down. Letourneau on top in side control. Two minutes to go.

attempts to scramble up, can\’t get it. Letourneau hops for an
arm-triangle and Rakoczy takes top position, dropping punches. Leourneau
countering with a leglock, which Rakoczy escapes. Jessica on top in
half guard. One minute to go. Rakoczy has one of Valerie\’s hands
giftwrapped, can\’t keep it but resumes punching. Rakoczy passes to
kesa-gatame. Letourneau sweeps at the bell. 10-9 Letourneau.

two: Both women dealing with some swelling. Counter hook by Jessica,
eats a stiff jab. Good body kick from Letourneau. Rakoczy shoots in
against the fence. One minute in. Knees to the thighs from Jessica. Body
shot lands. Two minutes in. They trade knees, Letourneau landing well.
Good punches from Letourneau when Jessica has the plum, prompting her to
separate. Counter hook by Rakoczy after eating a leg kick. Two minutes
to go.

Rakoczy lands a counter uppercut. Body shot met be a
Letourneau elbow. 1-2 from Rakoczy. They trade body kicks. Letourneau to
the body. One minute to go. Another body kick by Letourneay. Rakovzy
lands a check hook, tries to tie up and eats a right hand. Rakoczy body
shot, Letourneau leg kick. Bell, 10-9 Rakoczy.

Round three: The doctor checks Jessica\’s eye before the round starts and allows her to continue.

exchanges early. Letourneau lands a hard head kick, then walks into a
check hook when she tries to press forward. Rakoczy ties up against the
fence. They trade body blows before separating. Letourneay body kick and
low kick. One minute in. Jessica ties up, Letourneau uses the whizzer
to stay up. Letourneay body kick, Rakoczy barrels into the clinch.
Letourneau connects with an elbow on the break. Two minutes in.
Two-punch combo by Rakoczy. Spinning back kick by Rakoczy, body kick by
Letourneau. Another one as Rakoczy presses forward. Letourneau pressing
Rakoczy against the cage, attacking in the clinch. Rakoczy reverses. Two
minutes to go.

They break. Left hook by Rakoczy. Lead right by
Letourneau. 1-2 from Rakoczy, leg kick by Letourneau. One minute to go.
Rakoczy with a left hook. Brief clinch. Letourneau checks some low kicks
and eats a right hand. Right over the top from Valerie, who stuffs a
takedown. Rakoczy body shot and left hook upstairs. Letourneau hits a
trip right into mount at the bell. 10-9 Letourneau.

Final result: Letourneau def. Rakoczy by unanimous decision


115 lbs.: Aisling Daly vs. Randa Markos

one: Ais counters a low kick, then eats a heavy right hand. 1-2, right
hook from Randa. Markos landing the right hand very well. Clinch from
Ais, no damage before the exit. Lead right from Randa, then another
backs Ais off. One minute in. Another right from Randa, uppercuts inside
from Daly. Yet another right from Randa and Daly presses her up against
the fence. Knee to the body from Markos. Ais controlling with the
bodylock. Two minutes in. Daly takes her down, only to get reversed
right into mount. Markos quickly takes her back, cinching up the body
triangle. Two minutes to go.

Ais defending well with wrist
control. Randa transitions into an arm-triangle when Daly tries to
reverse. She passes to side control, maintaining the squeeze. Daly
manages to escape and avoid an armbar, clinching against the cage when
they stand. Daly completes a throw in the waning seconds. 10-9 Markos.

two: Body kick from Daly, Markos answers with a right. 1-2 by the
Irishwoman, then a left hook after eating a right hand. 1-2 by Markos,
lead right from Daly and they move into the clinch. Daly looking for a
single-leg and completes it against the fence. One minute in. Markos
works to her feet, then hits a head-and-arm through into scarfhold.
Markos dropping some steady punches from there. Randa bails when Daly
makes a move for her back and they tie up again on the fence. Two
minutes in. Daly pressing her against the fence. Two minutes to go.

defending the takedown. Daly completes the takedown and stays on top
through the scramble. Daly moves to north-south. One minute to go. Daly
looking to attack the arm, drops it and begins ground-and-pounding.
Markos turtles and stands, only for Daly to slap on a no-hooks RNC that
she can\’t finish before the bell. 10-9 Daly.

Round three: Markos
has an ugly cut over her left eye that\’s swelling up something fierce.
Daly storms forward and works towards the clinch. Right hand by Markos
as she tries to turn Daly away. 2-1 by Daly. She ties up on the fence.
One minute in. Daly with some short punches and knees to the legs.
Markos reverses position via underhooks. Daly reverses her, then gets
caught by that same head-and-arm throw. Two minutes in. Short punches
from Markos. Daly scrambles up and shoots in on the cage. Two minutes to

Daly flubs an outside trip and Randa lands on top in full
mount. Markos turns for an armbar, working to break Daly\’s grip. Markos
landing some punches. Daly takes top position, still in danger of the
armbar. Daly tries a half-hearted slam and makes it to the bell. 10-9

Final result: Markos def. Daly by unanimous decision