Renita Stanislav vs Marius Graunte on reserve fight KOK WORLD GP 2014 in Chisinau


Реницэ Станислав боец резервного поединка Гран При четверки в категории -65кг настроен решительно.


Renita Stanislav is the fighter of the reserve match in foursome Grand Prix category  of 65kg resolute.  He is resolute to win. At the upcoming tournament KOK WORLD GP 2014 in CHISINAU which will be held on September 19th in the athletics arena, four final fights will take place in the category of 65 kg. Stanislav Renita is one of the participants from Moldovan. He is a young, perspective and ambitious fighter. Stanislav will fight in the reserve match against the Romanian fighter Grauntse Marius. In a recent interview Stanislav was questioned why he was sparring without a helmet. He responded that only this way he can feel the real power of the strikes at the upcoming grand prix. Therefore, this technique helps him better prepare. It is also worth noting that on September 2nd  Stanislav Renita together with Pavel Voronin and Octavian Orheyanu will fly to Spain for trainings in the Arthur Kishenko’s club. They will have a great opportunity to learn from the famous athlete new techniques as well as gain experience. Marius Grauntse is also determined to win. He sent us a video of his training so that everyone would be able to see that he is determined win and will strive for victory.
Renita Stanislav
AGE: 22
Country: Moldova
City: Chisinau
Coach: Orheianu Octavian
Weight :65 kg
Height: 166 cm
Champion  GALA LEILOR 2010-2012
6 fight
5 wins
1 loss
0 draw
Graunte Marius
Country: Romania
City: Iasi
Club: Scorpions Iasi Romania
Coach: Constantin Mihai
Weight :65 kg
Height: 170cm
Kickboxing amateur champion  
15 figts
12 wins   
3 loss
0 draw