KING OF KINGS announces schedule for 2014, autumn


KOK (KING OF KINGS) анонсирует проведение турниров на осень 2014г.


KOK WORLD GP tournaments differs from many others martial arts tournaments because of highest class and quality of the events, fighters and quantity of fans. All events take place only in the biggest arenas.

There are several reasons why KOK became one of the strongest projects in Europe:

    First advantage is the new list of young and talented fighters;
    The second advantage is in the fact that all tournaments take place on the exact date and time as announced. Trustworthiness is very important;
    Last but not least is the fact that that tournaments are held not only among the super-heavy weights and 71 kg, but also among such  interesting weight categories as 65, 77 and 85 kg.


Old classic methods are no longer valid. Innovation is necessary but many projects are not ready for it. KOK is!

Events Schedule for Autumn 2014

KOK WORLD GP 2014 IN CHISINAU – Featherweight tournament – 19/09/2014

KOK WORLD GP 2014 IN GDANSK – Heavyweight tournament – 17/10 /2014

KOK WORLD GP 2014 IN VILNIUS – Featherweight tournament – 15/ 11/ 2014

KOK WORLD GP 2014 IN WARSAW – Welterweight tournament – 28/11/2014

KOK WORLD GP 2014 IN CHISINAU – Light Heavyweight tournament – 20/12/2014