Results: Jerome Le Banner Wins in France


Заряженный поединок ветерана: Жером Ле Баннера


Jerome Le Banner is
an interesting case of a fighter who knows how to maximize his
popularity in his home country of France. Jerome Le Banner was at one
time one of the greatest fighters in the K-1 ring, although he never won
the big one. That didn\’t matter, though, because Jerome Le Banner was a
certified superstar in Japan and his home country of France was
extremely proud of his accomplishments. Le Banner is 41 years old now
and probably shouldn\’t be fighting the best guys in the world, but that
doesn\’t mean that he shouldn\’t be fighting.

He fought on Friday
evening in France against Lucian Danilencu in what was an entertaining
bout that saw Le Banner stop him in round two with his deadly body
kicks. This was vintage Jerome Le Banner and precisely what we want to
see JLB doing in 2014. I don\’t want to see him in the ring with Rico
Verhoeven or Daniel Ghita, but I\’m totally cool with him beating the
snot out of Lucian Danilencu.