Ruslan Karaev.


Руслан Караев держит слово.


Ruslan Karaev was present as an honorary guest at the LEGENDS 2 INVASION tournament held recently in Moscow. All international stars and K-1 legends greeted Ruslan with warmth despite the fact that they have not seen him for the last 4 years. What concerns the fans, they were waiting for the moment to take a photo with their idol .  In his conversations with peers Ruslan confirmed that he should soon be expected back on the ring. And it will be a good start. We would like to remind you that on September 27th this year, Ruslan signed a contract with the KOK Project for the year 2014. So, dear friends, we look forward to see Karayev’s fights . Please see the video in which Karayev meets Badr, Manhuf , Overeem , Fedor Emelianenko  and many other well-known fighters and promoters.