Final Fight Championship 8 Results


Томас Хрон победил на турнире FFC8 полные результаты


Final Fight Championship 8 went down over the weekend in Croatia, the promotion of Orsat Zovko. You might remember the name from such Cro Cop-oriented events as Final Fight (which the MMA media thought was his retirement, lolz) as well as this year\’s K-1 World Grand Prix Finals. Since then they\’ve been going full blast in Croatia, pumping out quality Kickboxing events and drawing solid crowds for them. FFC8 got a little messy, though, as LEGEND 2: Invasion is coming up which forced both Sergei Laschenko and Pavel Zhuravlev to withdraw from this event. Let\’s be honest here, it is all about money.

Anyway, Thomas Hron stepped in at last minute and put on the performance of the show, which is admirable. Here are the results from Fight Channel.
FFC 8:
MMA – 95: Ricco Rodriguez (USA) def. Zelg Galešić (CRO) – R1 3:50 submission
KB HW: Mladen Brestovac (CRO) def. Ali Cenik (TUR) – decision
KB HW: Thomas Hron(CZE) def. Jahfarr Wilnis (NED) – decision
KB 80: Stevan Živković (SER) def. Miran Fabjan (SLO) – split decision
MMA – 66:Francisco Barrio (ARG) def. Darko Banović (AUT) – decision
MMA -77: Primož Vrbinc (SLO) def. Dušan Džakić (SER) – R1 1:19 TKO
FFC Challenger 8:
MMA HW: Dion Staring (NED) def. Ante Delija (CRO) – R2 2:42 submission
MMA – 77: Ivica Trušček (CRO) def. Goran Vuković (AUT) – R1 2:13 TKO
KB HW: Mladen Kujundžić (CRO) def. Senid Imamović (BiH) – R1 1:19 TKO
MMA – 77kg: Laszlo Senyei (HUN) def. Luka Jelčić (CRO) – R2 0:30 TKO
MMA -77kg: Matej Truhan (CRO) def. Josif Al Said (SER) – R1 3:50 TKO