Ruslan Provodnikov has presented his championship belt elderly citizen of Japan



 Боксер Проводников подарил чемпионский пояс своему болельщику


Russian boxer Ruslan Provodnikov, recently won the title of champion of the world by the World Boxing Organization (WBO) in the weight category up to 63.5 kg, has presented his championship belt elderly citizen of Japan, which is his personal cheerleader.


40 members of the press in agreement that Ruslan Provodnikov was winning at time of stoppage, writes Bobby Hunter
ROCKY lives, well the Siberian one anyway as Ruslan Provodnikov won the WBO light-welterweight title in ten rounds by stopping hometown favourite Mike Alvarado at the 1stBank Centre in Denver, Colorado. This fight was not between the two biggest names in boxing but the old saying of „Styles Make Fights” is what prompted HBO in the USA and Sky Sports in the UK to show this fight live on TV. Swelled by a massive loud crowd of 7012, this Pro Alvarado support expected their man to continue his winning ways especially after he beat Brandon Rios in his last fight back in March. 
At the weigh-in the day before there was a bit of drama as Alvarado came in 1lb over the 140lb limit. The champion was then given two hours to loss the excess. A while later Alvarado made the contracted weight by coming in at 139.75lbs, the same as Provodnikov.
Round one started and the blueprint for the fight was set as Provodnikov came straight at Alvarado trying to take him out with every hook he threw. Alvarado calmly tried to box under the huge pressure, just like he did when defeating Rios. Provdnikov had won the round though but over the next four Alvarado boxed well catching Provdnikov as he came in using right and left uppercuts to mark the Russians face. Provodnikov stepped up his pressure in the sixth, he was moving faster and closing down Alvarado. A left hook stunned the champion in this round but worse was to follow in the eighth when another huge left hook by Provodnikov followed by a barrage of hook to the body and had floored Alvarado. The champion was given every chance by referee Tony Weeks and finally got up just before the count of 10. The Russian was straight on the attack and floored the champion again. The fight looked like it would be stopped but to his credit Alvarado fought back, probably winning the last part of the round.
The end wasn\’t far away and in the 10th Alvarado was repeatedly hurt, he had slowed down from around the sixth with many commenting on the social network channels that making the weight could have been a factor in the champions downfall. Tony Weeks on request of the Alvarado corner was asked to view their fighter as the 10th ended. After a few questions and Alvarado looking the worse for wear Weeks signalled the bout was over fuelling wild celebrations from the Provodnikov corner.
Judges Robert Hoyle, Levi Martinez and Dennis Nelson were not needed in the end but had this fight 98-90, 97-90 and 96-92 all to Provodnikov respectively.
Alvarado made $1.3million for this fight, Provodnikov $600,000.
Below is the punch starts for this fight along with this writers scorecard. I have also been able to collect (40) Press Scores and have compiled a Press Score Average. 
Provodnikov – Thrown 404, Landed 299, Connection Rate 42 per cent
Alvarado – Thrown 299, Landed 137, Connection Rate 46 per cent
40 Scores for Provodnikov
0 Scores for Alvarado
0 Scores for a Draw
Round 1…. 10-9 Provodnikov
Round 2…. 9-10 Alvarado
Round 3…. 10-9 Provodnikov
Round 4…. 9-10 Alvarado
Round 5…. 9-10 Alvarado
Round 6…. 10-9 Provodnikov
Round 7…. 10-9 Provodnikov
Round 8…. 10-7 Provodnikov (two knockdowns scored by Provodnikov)
Round 9…. 10-9 Provodnikov
Round 10.. 10-9 Provodnikov
Wolfgang Schiffbauer (Sturm Promotions) : 97-91 Provodnikov : 96-92 Provodnikov
Mark Ortega (Ring Magazine) : 97-92 Provodnikov
Phil D Jay (WorldBoxngNews) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Cliff Roid (BoxingScene) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Adam Abramowitz (SaturdayNightBoxing) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Victor M Salazar (ThaBoxingVoice) : 97-89 Provodnikov
Boxing Opinions : 96-93 Provodnikov
Lyle Fitzsimmons (BoxingScene) : 97-92 Provodnikov
George Jimmenez (Geo Imagez) : 96-92 Provodnikov
Jake Donovan (BoxingScene) : 97-91 Provodnikov
LeaveItInTheRing Radio : 97-90 Provodnikov
Ben Thompson (Fighthype) : 96-92 Provodnikov
Ryan Burton (TheBoxingLab) : 97-92 Provodnikov
Brian Campbell (ESPN) : 96-92 Provodnikov
Mike Coppinger (USA Today) : 98-90 Provodnikov
Darren Velasco (FightDomain) : 98-90 Provodnikov
Chris Morris (Fightnews) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Alex Morris (BoxingAsylum) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Martin Perry (SplitDecisionBoxing) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Corey Quincy (BLBoxing) : 98-90 Provodnikov
Allaboutboxing  : 96-92 Provodnikov
Steve Zemach (TheQueensberryRules) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Billy Ferguson (UKFighthype) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Kevin McCrae (BleacherReport) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Ramon Aranda (3MoreRounds) : 97-91 Provodnikov
John J Raspanti (Doghouseboxing) : 97-90 Provodnikov
The Boxing Tribune : 97-91 Provodnikov
Glen McCrory (Sky Sports TV) : 97-92 Provodnikov
Nick Halling (Sky Sports TV) : 97-92 Provodnikov
John Evans (Livefight) : 96-91 Provodnikov
John Wharton (Brit Box Magazine) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Tom Gray (Ring Magazine) : 96-92 Provodnikov
FirstClassBoxing : 96-92 Provodnikov
Shaun Brown (Livefight) : 95-93 Provodnikov
Rachel Aylett (BoxingNews24) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Paul Daley (Topclassboxing) : 95-93 Provodnikov
Kurt Ward (BoxingAsylum) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Andy Paterson (BoxingAsylum) : 97-91 Provodnikov
Luis Sandoval (TheBoxingLab) : 97-91 Provodnikov