Результаты турнира прошедшего в Чикаго США
Результаты турнира прошедшего в Чикаго США


Heavyweight Finals:

Rico Verhoeven (R3 – Dec.) Daniel Ghita – Wow, just wow. Tremendous action from both men, back and forth. Every round was insanely close, with Ghita probably winning the first round and Rico taking the 2nd and 3rd. Tremendous action, with Rico looking better than he\’s ever looked before.

Tyrone Spong (R2 – TKO) Nathan Corbett – Wow, both guys just came in looking to lay some heavy leather. Lots of body work with Tyrone\’s body punches visibly doing damage to Corbett in R1. Spong just absolutely floored Carnage in R2, but Carnage got back up. A second knockdown was all that she wrote, as the ref stopped the bout. Wow, Tyrone.

Joseph Valtellini (R3 – TKO) Karim Ghajji – Really exciting fight between both guys. Very solid, technical affair that saw both men exchanging and looking extremely solid. Joe came up with a rather incredible series of strikes in R3 to put Ghajji down. Great, great fight.

Heavyweight Reserve Bout:

Errol Zimmerman (R3 – TKO) Hesdy Gerges – Errol Zimmerman came into the fight in great shape and looked focused, which is all you can ask for from Errol. He knocked Gerges down hard, but Gerges fought back to his feet. Round 2 saw Gerges control most of the ring and action, but Zimmerman flattened him in R3, only for him to fight back to his feet. Zimmerman scored one last knockdown and made a huge statement.

Heavyweight Tournament:

Daniel Ghita (R1 – KO) Anderson Silva – Wow, Daniel Ghita is super focused with his new trainer. Ghita was favoring using his hands over his kicks, but set up the right hook with a left body kick that put Braddock down for the count. The finals is Ghita vs. Rico!

Heavyweight Tournament:

Rico Verhoeven (R3 – Majority Decision) Gokhan Saki – Saki fans are going to be really upset over this one, but GLORY\’s flash knockdown rule played a huge factor here, and yes, it was a knockdown. Rico knocked Saki down in R1 almost immediately, with Saki protesting and threatening the ref (which he should have been DQ\’d for, honestly). Rico controlled the rest of the round. Rico controlled R2 for the most part, but Saki landed some huge shots near the end which didn\’t put Rico down. Rico should have, but he didn\’t. You could argue that Saki gets that round because of that. Then R3 was mostly controlled by Rico, gaining him the HUGE win. What an upset. Very proud of how much Verhoeven has advanced.

GLORY 11 Chicago Undercard

Sergei Kharitonov (R3 – UD) Daniel Sam

Danyo Ilunga (R1 – TKO) Michael Duut

Saulo Cavalari (R3 – UD) Filip Verlinden

Steve Moxon (R3 – KO) Reece McAllister

Gabriel Varga (R3 – UD) Jose Palacios

Troy Sheridan (R3 – Dec.) Michael Mananquil

Maurice Greene (R3 – UD) Yang Rae Yoo

Aaron Swenson (R2 – KO) Billy Rose

Kyle Weickhardt (R3 – UD) Quartus Stitt

Ian Alexander R3 – SD) Austin Lewis

Axel Mendez (R3 – UD) Jordan Weiland