Andrei Arlovsky vs Anthony Johnson VIDEO


Энтони Джонсон победил Андрея Арловского (ВИДЕО)Round 1: Referee Kevin Mulhall oversees this heavyweight main event. A touch of gloves and we\’re off. Arlovski lands first with an inside leg kick. Wild combination misses for Johnson. Arlovski sidesteps a leg kick. Johnson ducks under a flurry and answers with a strong counter left. Another exchange, Arlovski gets the better of it. Arlovski blocks a pair of head kicks. One-two lands solidly on Arlovski\’s chin. Johnson starting to open up. Big kick to the midsection by Johnson. „Rumble” closes the distance, backing Arlovski against the fence. Both fighters trade short knees. Mulhall has seen enough, he restarts the action in the center of the cage. Johnson immediately clinches, but gets reversed against the cage. Ten seconds left. Huge right hand drops Arlovski! Arlovski staggers to his feet, only to get crushed by another right. Johnson swarms. Wow, talk about saved by the bell. MMA scores the round 10-9 Johnson.
Round 2: Arlovski looks to have regained his senses. „The Pitbull” blocks a high kick then wings out a counter right. Furious exchange from both fighters. Johnson ties up, muscling Arlovski against the fence. We reach a stalemate and Mulhall splits the fight up. Arlovski finding a home for his jab. Johnson tossing out bombs but nothing landing. Johnson eats a big uppercut and responds with a counter left. Johnson changes levels for a single. Arlovski fights it off then powers Johnson against the fence. Low blow sends Johnson crumbling to the mat. After a brief break, we\’re back. Johnson comes out on fire. Huge right hand crushes Arlovski. Johnson drops for a single and he gets it, landing in half guard. Arlovski rolls and gives up his back. Arlovski clamors back to his feet, but Johnson is still latched onto a double. Arlovski sprawls to defend. MMA scores the round 10-9 Johnson.
Round 3: Big exchange opens the final frame. Arlovski pummels Johnson\’s midsection with a right. Johnson explodes into a flurry, staggering Arlovski. Johnson drops down for a double. Johnson\’s corner is incredulous at his insistence on wrestling despite winning the striking exchanges. Mulhall splits the fight up. Arlovski\’s hands are low. Arlovski tosses out a few front kicks to keep his distance. Johnson gasping for air, changes levels for a single. Arlovski sprawls. Both men look exhausted. Arlovski muscles Johnson against the cage. Uppercut connects for Arlovski off the break. „Rumble” drops for another single. Arlovski easily defends. Johnson grasps again for single but can\’t get it. Another failed shot ends the fight. MMA scores the round 10-9 Arlovski, and the fight 29-28 Johnson.
Anthony Johnson def. Andrei Arlovski via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)