President of the World Federation of WAKO misinformed Fight community.


Президент всемирной федерации WAKO дезинформирует бойцовское сообщество.Recently and espacialy on  13 February 2013 in Chisinau was by travaling    the president of  WAKO federation -Ennio Falsoni. In one of the private meeting, he stated that the WAKO federation isthe  representative of the K-1 brand . And has the rights to use the brand K-1 for their tournaments and championships.
This information are lies and misinformation about fight community. In support of this desinformation  we give to you the official release of the K-1GLOBAL.
Which clearly written  that WAKO are  not official representative of  K-1GLOBAL and hasn\’t  the right to use this  brand.  In retaliation of the statements we announce that the WAK-1F federation is the official and independent brand. And with respect to K-1GLOBAL Federation WAK-1F are  partners. Becasue  we have a common goal and  the initial task is to promote and develop the K-1 in the national and global scale, as one of the leading shock sports.
Leaders Federation WAK-1F.