Mike Tyson: 'I want to sing and dance in musicals'



Майк Тайсон больше не хочет быть самым плохим парнем на планетеFormer heavyweight world champion Mike
says he wants to „dance and sing” in musicals as his
next challenge.

„I want to dance and sing. I want to do some dancing and singing musicals,”
Tyson saids during a visit to Hong Kong when asked what he wanted to do with
his life next.

The 46-year-old Hall of Fame boxer who served time in jail for rape and
infamously bit off part of Evander Holyfield\’s ear during a fight in 1997,
said he now just wanted to „hang out and entertain”.

„I don\’t have the desire to be that guy any more,” he said of his
previous life as the self-styled „baddest man on the planet” who
won 44 of his 58 fights by knockout. I was always the bad guy that wanted to
be a good guy, but I didn\’t know how to be a good guy. I was always so
concentrating on being bad.”

Tyson is in Hong Kong to address the CLSA Investors\’ Forum about how he
overcame his troubled upbringing, the end of his brilliant but turbulent
sporting career and his addiction to drugs and alcohol, to become a better