Peter «Dutch woodcutter» Aerts



Peter «Dutch woodcutter» Aerts
Nickname: «Dutch woodcutter» 
Date of birth: 25.10.1970 
Height: 192 cm 
Weight: 110 kg. 
Club: Team Aerts 
Style: kickboxing 
Country: Netherlands 
Finalist World Grand Prix K-1 2006 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 1998 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 1995 
World Champion 1995 and muay-tai on the version WMTA in the heavyweight weight 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 1994 
The world champion in 1991 at muay-tai on the version WMTA in the heavy weight 
The world champion in 1990 according to IKBF in the heavy weight 
Peter «Dutch woodcutter» Aerts (born October 25, 1970) – Professional Dutch kikbokser, triple world champion Grand Prix K-1 and world champion in muay-tai. Aerts was famous for his powerful attacks and ability to beat kicked in the head. 
Biography and Career 
In 1983, after seven years of lessons in football, Peter Aerts started training in taekwondo section. His interest in martial arts he inherited from his grandfather and uncle. In 1984 he went to kickboxing and started to engage, along with Mecca Benatstsusom in „Judoka-Kickboxing” in Best, The Netherlands. A year later, Aerts became involved in fights, and victories soon followed one after another. His first world championship he won when he was 19 years old. 
Then Peter Aerts moved to the club eyndhovensky «Champs», where he was the second time was a world champion. He then moved to the famous club of Tom Harinka «Chakuriki», which has made his most outstanding successes. In 1994, he first became world champion in the K-1, then in 1995 and 1998-ies also won the title of champion. His victory in 1998 is still the fastest in the history of K-1. He then knock out all his rivals in the first round, having spent on it, a total of 6 minutes and 43 seconds. Also, he is the only fighter who has participated in all World Grand Prix K-1 since the inception of the tournament in 1993 
In 1997, he terminated the business relationship with his coach Harinkom and continued training in the club «Mejiro Gym» under the direction of Andre Mannaarta, who himself was a soldier before K-1. Currently, Aerts is the owner of his own club «Team Aerts». 
2 December 2006, Peter Aerts came at the World Grand Prix K-1 2006 as a replacement fighter. After Remy Bonyaski was forced to withdraw from the tournament due to injury, Aerts met Glaube Feytozoy in the semifinals and won this fight by TKO in the second round. In the finals, he met with the current world champion K-1 Sammy Shiltom, but lost on points. 
On 23 June 2007, during the World Grand Prix 2007 in Amsterdam, Aerts met with Bob CAPAS. It was one of the most anticipated superboev. On the 26 th second of the first round, Peter Aerts struck CAPAS left knee, SAPP has fallen, and the battle ended. 
In June 2007, Aerts extended his contract with K-1 for another two years. 
29 September 2007,, Aerts met with Ray Sefo in the qualifying tournament of the World Grand Prix K-1 Seoul, Korea, in the Final 16. He won this battle at the end of the first round technical knockout. Thus, Peter Aerts fifteenth year in a row, opened the way to the final of the World Grand Prix K-1, which was held on 8 December 2007 on the scene „Yokohama in Japan. In the quarterfinal knockout Aerts Japanese Dzhunishi Savayashiki in the first round. In the semifinal he won on points twice winner of the World Grand Prix K-1 Remy Bonyaski. Then he met with twice the current champion Sammy Shiltom in the finals. Aerts lost this fight by TKO after the injured knee.