Badr «Golden Boy» Hari



Badr «Golden Boy» Hari
Nickname: «Golden Boy», «Cobra» 
Height: 197 cm 
Weight: 94 kg. 
Club: Alkmaar Holland 
Style: Muay-Tai 
Country: Netherlands 
The world champion K-1 2007 in the heavy weight 
Champion Holland in muay-tai WPKL 2002 
Badr «Golden Boy» Hari (born December 8, 1984) – Dutch-Moroccan kikbokser. He began his speech at the K-1 c victory over Stefan Leko, when the latter knockout blow to the heel turn. It happened in the contingency action in the world Grand Prix K-1 2005 
April 28, during the World Grand Prix K-1 2007 in Hawaii Badr Hari won his first title of world champion in the heavy weight of K-1, which he won, knockout at 56 seconds first round Fudzhimoto Yusuke from Japan. 
Badr Hari began to practice kickboxing at the age of 7 years under the leadership of ex-world champion Musida Akamrane. In adolescence, he trained in Aita Mohammed Hassi club „Sitan Gym”. When the club moved from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, Badr has moved to the famous „Chakuriki Gym”, under the leadership of Tom Harinka. When Hari Harinke become one of the brightest talents in the Netherlands. Harink even once said that «Hari more talent than Peter Aerts and Branko Chikatich together». 
Treneruyas from Harinka, Badr Hari lost only once: in 2003 he replaced Melvin Manhofa in the fight against K-1 superstar Alexey Ignashova. About the fight he had learned a few days before the meeting. Hari, who was at 18 kg. easier opponent, has shown himself well, but he was knockout in the third round blow-handed in the solar plexus. Nevertheless, Harry has earned the respect from fans for kickboxing, which was opposed to such renowned opponent as Ignashov. 
At this time, Harry also gain a convincing victory over rivals such as Errol Paris, Anthony Hardonk, Aziz Katti and Gary Turner. In January 2005, Harry left the „Chakuriki Gym”, has signed a contract with promoter Simon Ruttsem combatant commands and became «It\’s Showtime». After several months of training at the famous Amsterdam club „Mejiro Gym” he returned to the One Harinku, but after a few weeks back has left him. Currently, Hari, Mike coached Passene from „Mike\’s Gym”, which is also a coach Yori Mass, Bjorn Breguet and Melvin Manhofa. 
Hari, known for his delay in entering the ring and „spicy” language was put to the fight against Stefan Leko at the tournament It\’s Showtime in the same year. At this time, Leko is not terribly lucky, he lost all his fights in MMA rules in PRIDE. For Harry it was a great opportunity to show its strength against the veteran K-1 and try to break in a narrow range of participants K-1. Former K-1 superstar Leko also saw an opportunity in the battle to recover their position in K-1. Fight postponed for several months, it was spitting a lot of dirt. Leko was sure of himself, saying that the battle will be short. Before the battle Hari brought up his opponent\’s Crown entering the ring – he lasted longer than the match. After an aggressive start Badr Hari was hit in the leg with liver spread, and then no longer able to continue the fight. 
In the same year, Harry was a chance to take revenge. Manager Simon Rutts signed a contract with K-1 for its battle in the World Series Grand Prix K-1 2005 as a reserve fighter against Stefan Leko. Hari did not lose his confidence and as a result won, Leko knockout blow with his feet spread on the chin. 
Although by the thought that Leko and Hari had become irreconcilable enemies, Hari helped his opponent up and held the Germans in his stupid corner. In the evening, it was one of the most powerful knockout that Hari made a name for himself. 
Although the 13 May 2006 Harry was involved in the World Grand Prix K-1 2006 in Holland, he was the last time was included in the application for World Grand Prix K-1 in New Zealand. His opponent in the first round was Australian Peter Graham. During a press conference Hari reiterated its image «bad boy», offending and mocking on Graham, and later even launched a brawl. The next day, Graham responded to such disrespect spectacular knockout, hitting his home Badri blow «reverberation of thunder» – strike with a turn of foot drop in the head, thus breaking his jaw in several places. This happened in the last seconds, the last round. 
After receiving nabolshee number of votes from fans all over the world, Badr Hari received a wild card to participate in the qualifying tournament of the world\’s Grand Prix K-1 Final Elimination in 2006, where he met the young Russian kikbokserom Ruslan Karaev. In the first round, he lost by TKO after the questionable judicial decisions to stop the fight. After the battle Hari lost control over myself and started to insult Garayev, and after he took over the ring, Badr immediately turn his locker. 
In 2006, Hari fought with Paul Slovinska to reserve the game in the finals of the World Grand Prix K-1 in sports «Tolyo Dome» and won a unanimous decision of the judges. 
Soon, Harry held a match-rematch with Ruslan Karaev, who had gained a very impressive victory: Karayev hukom sent Hari in the hardest knock-down, but the bill went up by 8. Karayev went to dobivanie but Badr Hari was able to dodge the first blow of the hand and the knockout Garayev left hukom in the jaw. This victory allowed him to enter the battle for the title of world champion K-1, which he won the fight against Yusuke Fudzhimoto. 
5 Aug., 2007 at Badr was scheduled match-revenge on the world Grand Prix K-1 2007 in Hong Kong, with Peter Graham, who won the Hari on points in the final round. 
29 September 2007, «Golden Boy» qualifying tournament for the World Grand Prix K-1 2007 Final Elimination won by KO in the second round, the champion Grand Prix K-1 2007 in Las Vegas Dag Vine. The succession of victories stopped his defeat by Remy Bonyaski to address the judges in the tournament quarterfinal. 
April 19, 2008 Badr is to hold a fight with veteran Ray Sefo during World Grand Prix K-1 2008 in Yokohama.