Mark «Mighty Samoanets» Hunt



Mark «Mighty Samoanets» Hunt
Nickname: «Mighty Samoanets» 
Date of birth: 23.03.1974 
Height: 178 cm 
Weight: 125 kg. 
Club: Liverpool Kickboxing Gym 
Style: kickboxing 
Country: New Zealand 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 2001 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 2001 Fukuoka 
Champion Grand Prix K-1 Oceania in Melbourne 2001 
Champion Grand Prix K-1 Oceania 2000 
Australian heavyweight champion in the weight WKBF 
Mark «Mighty Samoanets» Hunt (born March 23, 1974) – a native of Samoa, New Zealand kikbokser and mixed arts fighter. Currently living in Sydney, Australia. Hunt is known for its unbridled power, the ability to send their workshops in the knock-out rivals, and as the owner of one of the strong jaws of the world. As kikbokser he got famous 8 December 2001, winning the world final of the Grand Prix K-1 2001. 
In MMA, he has in his credit a victory over Mirko «Crau cop» Filipowicz, Vanderleem Silva and Tsuoshi Kohsakoy. 
Home career 
Mark Hunt was born in a large Samoan family in a suburb of hooliganism South Auckland, New Zealand. He was a troubled child and did not intend to become a professional soldier, until one night altercation near a night club in Auckland not changed his life. continued for a short – Hunt knock out your opponent. A club bouncer was so shaken by a powerful knockout performance at Mark, which invited him to „Sam Master\’s Gym” for serious learning. A few weeks later, in the same 1995 in Otahuhu, New Zealand, held its debut in the ring, where he knock out his opponent, Gary Hart, in the second round. As Mark has received the payment package of 6 cans of beer, a bouncer was his first coach to muay-tai. Later that same year, Mark moved to Sydney in Australia to train with Alex Tui. Several years later, he will train at the Liverpool club kickboxing under the guidance of fellow, instructor Heypa Samoan Nganoroa. 
Career in K-1 
Earlier in his career, Hunt promoters used as a «jumping» for their fighters, often causing him to fights in the last minute. This lasted until Tarik Solak arranged a tournament is not K-1 Oceania in February 2000 with the record (15-4, 3 KO) Hunt came in his first tournament K-1 as an outsider. As a result, he won the title tournament match K-1 Oceania, knockout «Cocos Mills» Omitagi in the quarter, Rony Sefo in the semifinals and Phil Fagan in the final. 
After the convincing performances of Mark Hunt at the tournament in the Pacific, he was invited to Japan for qualified K-1, where he lost his first international fight against Jerome Le Banner unanimous decision of the judges. 
In 2001, Hunt returned to the K-1, won the tournament K-1 Oceania in the second year in a row. After that he took part in the World Grand Prix K-1 2001 in Melbourne, where the defeated Japanese boxer Hiromi Amada, but then lost to the current champion Ernesto Hust. However, thanks to his exciting style combat Hunt gave wild card in the qualifying tournament to the final of the world\’s Grand Prix K-1 2001, when Mirko Filipovic was forced to pull out of the trauma. Brought his lot with Ray Sefo, who won the battle of the Hunt outpoint. However, after the fight Sefo after eye injury, was unable to continue the fight, allowing Hunt to take his place. Hunt Then defeats Adam Watt technical knockout and won the right to participate in the final series of World Grand Prix K-1 in the „Tokyo Dome”. 
At the time of the fighting in K-1, Hunt, surprised the audience by selecting Jerome Le Banner, which he lost only a year ago, as his opponent in the quarter. Hunt won this match-revenge, Le Banner knock out in the second round, and went to the semifinal, where he met with Stefan Leko. Hunt twice sent Leko in the knock-down and won the match by unanimous decision of the judges. Everything was ready for the final battle against the Brazilian Francisco Filho, champion kuokushin-karate (kekusina). In this battle Hunt wins Filho and became the champion of the world\’s Grand Prix K-1 2001 
In 2002, Hunt went to Paris for the third time, beating with Le banner. This battle has become one of the most significant in the history of K-1. Le Banner, speaking before his audience, brought down Hunt\’s legs in the second round, but after a few seconds, turned himself in knock-down. In the past a second round of powerful Frenchman for the second time Hunt has sent in the knock-down. During the break between rounds Hunt threw the towel, since could not continue the fight. 
December 17, 2002 Mark Hunt again defended his title at the World Grand Prix K-1. In the quarter, at the beginning of the third round, when he was behind on points on all judicial cards, Mark was able to cause a powerful direct blow right knockout Stefan Leko, and held in the semifinals, where he met his eternal opponent Jerome Le banner. Despite the knock-down in the French end of the third round, Hunt lost the fight the judges decision. This was his last appearance on the world Grand Prix K-1. 
Careers mixed arts 
In his career MMA Mark Hunt been fighting in PRIDE championships in Japan. His first fight he lost to Hidehiko Yoshida, Olympic judo champion. During his second bout, he defeated American wrestler Daniel Bobishu technical knockout. At the last minute Hunt replaced Sakurabu and won on points (opinion of the judges was not unanimous) have more severe Vanderleya Silva, PRIDE champion in the average weight. Silva, known for his brutal attacks in the hands and clinch muay-tai, was neutralized by heavy blows of Samoans. During the fight Hunt a few times sending an opponent to knock-down. During the PRIDE Shockwave 2005 Hunt suddenly all won Mirko «Crau Kopa» Filipovic needinodushnym questionable decisions of the judges, despite the previous loss Croats in K-1. During the PRIDE 31: Unbreakable Hunt defeated Japanese boxer Yosuke Nisidzime in the third round of a series of two powerful short strokes with your hands. 
The next battle took place at the Hunt Tournament Grand Prix at PRIDE\’s 2006 in the absolute weight category (PRIDE TOTAL ELIMINATION ABSOLUTE) 5 May 2006, His opponent was a Japanese Tsuoshi Kohsaka, whom he defeated by TKO in the second round. He then met with the American restlerom Joshi Barnett at PRIDE Critical Countdown Absolute in the second round of the tournament. Barnett quickly brought down Hunt\’s legs, and as a result of Hunt lost in the first round, missing pain reception «Kimura» (lever on the elbow). 
During the PRIDE Shockwave 2006 PRIDE superchempionu Hunt lost in the heavy weight of Fedor Emelianenko. Hunt Emelianenko controlled almost throughout the bout, and even tried to hold a reception at the hands of pain in early labor. The most realistic chance to win the battle was at the Hunt, when he could hold a painful admission «Americana» (node elbow). But Emelianenko and attempt to cope with the pain reception held Hunt «Kimura» (lever on the elbow). 
Return to K-1 
After the battle against Emelianenko, Hunt does not appear on the MMA tournaments. There were rumors that Mark has suspended its performances in MMA, and joined the Japanese organization of professional restlinga HUSTLE. Indeed, he has participated in several tournaments HUSTLE. However, FEG announced the return of Hunt for K-1, and appointed him as a pretender to the title supertyazhelovesa K-1, which is now Sammy Shilt. The battle for the title supertyazhelovesa K-1 will be held April 13, 2008 in Yokohama.