Fedor Emelianenko



Fedor Emelianenko
Height: 1.83 m 
Weight: 104 kg 
Nationality: Russian 
Birthday: 1976 
Birthplace: d. Rubizhne Lugansk 
Style: Combat Sambo, Boxing 
The world champion in heavy weight version of Pride 
Champion Pride Grand Prix 2004 in the heavy weight 
The world champion in heavy weight version Rings 
3-times World Champion in combat sambo 
Biography and Career 
Born in the Ukrainian city of Luhansk Rubizhne. He was born in 1976 in the family of Olga Feodorovna (now a teacher, teaching young professionals, crane operators in the professional technical lyceum) and Vladimir Aleksandrovich (gazoelektrosvarschik) Emelianenko. Second child in the family, he lived in Ukraine for up to two years, along with his parents and his older sister Marina. After moving in 1978 in Russia, Stary Oskol Belgorod region in the family Emelyanko born two more sons – Alexander (b. 1981) and Ivan (born 1988). 
Sporting passion Fedor fight began with classes in judo and sambo section, under the leadership of Vasily Ivanovich Gavrilov. Just one year later Theodore was adopted in sports class, complete with Vladimir Voronov, a trainer who works with him to this day based on DYUSSHOR named Alexander Nevsky. School Fedor Emelianenko graduated in 1991 and enrolled in vocational school, which in 1994 graduated with honors. From 1995 to 1997 he served in the Russian army, which alone has continued to engage in sports. In 1999 he married Oksana, in the same year, his family was born a daughter Maria. 
Sports Milestones Fedor Emelianenko: 
1997 Finished standard wizard sport of sambo Russia (St. Petersburg). After 2 months, won an international tournament (Kursk) and became Master of Sports in judo. 
In 1998 received the title of master of sports of international class of Russia in Sambo, won first prize at the prestigious international tournament of Class „A” in Moscow. Also in 1998, became the champion of Russia and bronze winner of the championship of Russia in judo (Kstovo) and bronze winner of the championship of Russia in Sambo (Kaliningrad). In the same year won the championship in his weight class and became the silver prize in the absolute weight category of the armed forces of Russia. 
1999, won the tournament Sambo (Moscow), became the bronze winner of international tournaments Class „A” (Moscow, Sofia). In the team championship of Europe, the Russian team, consisting of a Fedor Emelianenko, took first place (Istanbul). 
2000 Along with the lessons, the struggle began to study the shock technique of hands and feet in DYUSSHOR Golden Gloves. ” Coach Michkov Aleksandr Vasil\’evich. 
2000, took third place in the championship of Russia in Sambo. In the same year moved to the fighting in the fight of „Rings”, which has achieved good results. 
2001, became world champion in this version of the heavy weight category. 
2002, became the champion in the absolute weight category and moved into the most prestigious version of the fighting without rules „Pride.” In the same year won the championship of Russia on combat sambo (Moscow). Became the first World Championship in combat sambo in the heavy weight (Thessaloniki, Greece), was captain of the team that won the overall first place. Won the soccer world combat sambo in absolute weight category (Panama). 
After selection in 2003 and beat Sam Shilta (Galland) and Hiz Hiringa (USA), went to world champion version of „Pride” Brazilian Antonio Rodrigo Nagiera, who took the champion title and belt. In the same year won the „Pride” on the well-known fighters such as Kazuyuki Fujita (Japan), and Gary Gudridzh (Canada). 
2004, spent five fights in the PRIDE (rivals, Mark Coleman, Kevin Rendleman, Naoyya Ogawa, Antonio Nogueyra), and on the eve of the new 2005, winning the Grand Prix, was the owner of two title belts – Champion Grand Prix „and” Champion Peace on pobyam version of „PRIDE”. 
2005 Participated in tournament fighting „PRIDE” (three-bout). In the title fight with Mirko KroKopom (August), won, becoming a triple world champion on fights that version. In October 2005, at the world championships in combat sambo in Prague (Czech Republic) has won two fights, winning the title three times world champion. 
In 2006 because of serious injury hands could speak only two tournaments in the „PRIDE” and gained them the victory, including in the title fight with Mark Hunt on 31 December 2006. As a result of the fight Fedor Emelianenko has been awarded the title quadruple world champion in fighting version of „PRIDE”. 
2007 Fedor won the national prize „Gold Belt” in the nomination „The most striking victory of the year.”