Mike *Iron* Zambidis



Mike *Iron* Zambidis
star K1-MAX 
„Iron” Mike Zambidis (born July 15, 1980) is a Greek kikbokser originally from Athens. His name progremelo back in 1998 when he became the champion of Europe among the pros. In the list of his victories are those Titans Kickboxing and Thai Boxing as John Wayne Parr, Gurkalo Ozkan (Mike won it twice), Gago Drago, Albert Kraus (world champion K-1 World Max 2002). Fight with Kraus deserves a separate discussion, because both kikbokserami a talented opponent and won at the world championships on different versions of kikboksinga.No Mike Zambidis justified his nickname of a nickname (such as nicknames in professional boxing won him Teske, Mike Tyson), and at 16 seconds of second round knockout of Dutch soldier. Mike is very aggressive fighter, almost all the battles he dominated and is very unpredictable fighter with great physical strength and excellent fight technique. Just a lot of important feature is the rigidity, which the Greeks have enough fully. However, a major drawback Zambidisa is a relatively small increase for kikbokserov his weight when the weight of 70 kg increases 1,67 m. This significantly hampers its resistance to other fighters of the same weight as in his weight class fighters, and is 1,80 m. Almost all lesions are caused by lack of growth. But despite this serious flaw, Mike is one of the most unpredictable, technical, and strong-willed kikbokserov in the world. Now track Zambidisa 150 fights, 138 of them won 84 by KO. Only one of his defeats over knockout – Iron Mike is hard on the legs! 12 September 2007, Mike fought with excellent Spanish tie-boxer Marban Bernardo De La Khorram. The battle ended prematurely in 3-round, early in the second minute of Mike right hukom knock out the opponent. 
2006 Kings of the Ring European Champion 
2005 WKBF Super-welterweight Champion 
2005 King of the Ring, Champion, Sydney 
2004 A1 World Combat Cup Champion 
2003 Kings of the Ring Champion, Italy 
2002 K-1 World Max Oceania Champion 
2002 King of the Ring, Champion „Thaibox tournament” Italy 
2000 WOKA World Champion 
1998 World PROFI Europe Champion 
1997 I.S.K.A. Balkan Champion 
1996 Greek Boxing Champion