Mirko «Crau Kop» Filipovic




Mirko «Crau Kop» Filipovic
Nickname: «Crau Kop» ( «The Croatian police») 
Date of birth: 10.09.1974 
Height: 188 cm 
Weight: 100 kg. 
Club: Cro Cop Squad 
Style: kickboxing, boxing 
Country: Croatia 
IKBF world champion in heavy weight (full-contact version) 
Finalist World Grand Prix K-1 1999 
Finalist World Grand Prix K-1 2000 in Fukuoka 
Champion PRIDE Grand Prix in an absolute category in 2006 
Mirko Filipovic (was born on 10 November 1974), commonly known Mirko „Crau Kop (Croatian policeman) – a professional fighter kikbokser and mixed styles. Nickname „Crau Kop” he received, because it served in the Croatian police anti-terrorist unit. 
Filipovi? has been successful, whether in K-1, and in the championships PRIDE. September 10, 2006 he won the PRIDE Grand Prix 2006 in absolute categories, and in 2007 took part in the championships UFC. Filipovic is a high strike the left leg with which he knock out many of its rivals. He has victories over Barnett Joshi, Vanderleem Silva, Kazushi Sakubaroy, Aleksander Emelianenko, Kazuyuki Fujita, and Mark Koulmanom in mixed martial arts, and the Remy Bonyaski, Peter Aeertsom, Mike Bernardo, J?r?me Le banner, Mark Hunt, Sam Greco and Bob CAPAS in kickboxing. 
Filipovic began a professional career in 1996 as kikbokser, following in the footsteps of his compatriot Branko Chikaticha. But even before he became a professional, track record in amateur boxing Filipovic included 40 victories (31 KO) with 5 lesions. Several times he was hitting his under the pseudonym «Tigar» (in Croatian, tiger). At the time, Filipovi? was a fighter in the anti-terrorist group «Alpha» Croatian police (based in the city Luchko under Zagreb). 
In 1996, the 21-year-old Filipovic was made in the qualifying tournament of the world\’s Grand Prix K-1. After the victory over the previous year\’s finalist, J?r?me Le banners Filipowicz the next round, was defeated by Ernesto Hust. Three years later he again returned to the K-1 and knock out British fighter Ricky «Tanka» Nicholson, but then lost on points to Swiss fighter Ksavitu Bayrami. Despite the defeat, Filipovi? received permission to participate in world tournament, which has shaken the world of kickboxing, has won over one of the best fighters K-1 Mike Bernardo. Then one evening Filipovic knockout Japanese star Musashi and Australian karate-Sam Greco. But lost on Hust. 
Filipovi? continued to successfully serve in K-1, winning a few fights against such recognized fighters as Peter Aerts, Mark Hunt and Remy Bonyaski. He became the first soldier, who for 86 seconds, won not knowing defeats giant Bob CAPAS crushed him Sculpture blow on the left hand. In 2000 he won karate Glaube Feytozu and boxer Hiromi Amada and went into the final of the Grand Prix in Nagoya, which lost in the first round by TKO to Mike Bernardo. Filipovi? went on the ring already prihramyvaya in one leg due to injuries received in previous fights. Bernardo methodically attacked sick Filipovic\’s leg until he was unable to continue the battle. Yet Mirko won great respect among the Japanese fans for their courage and resilience. As a finalist, he received the right to participate in the final round at the World Grand Prix 2000, but again lost on points to his old opponent Hust. 
In 2001, he suddenly loses Canadian fighter Michael McDonald in the first round. Shortly thereafter, Filipowicz moved to PRIDE. He even took part in the 4 K-1 fights, winning in each of them. 
In 2001, Filipovi? began to speak in PRIDE, expressing dissatisfaction with fees in the K-1. A year later he left his service in the anti-terrorist group in order to fully concentrate on a career in mixed martial arts. Since then, kickboxing Filipovic was not too noticeable, though, and recorded at their own expense, a few brilliant victories in K-1, of which the most significant – a victory on points over Mark Hunt in March 2002, a victory by TKO in the second round on Remy Bonyaski in July 2002 and the victory by TKO in the first round of the Bob CAPAS in April 2003 
After the victory in MMA debut match over Kazuyuki Fujita by TKO, Crau Kop debut in the PRIDE tournament at PRIDE 17 against Nobuhiko Takada. In this battle, it was specifically a rule that says that if it comes to a decision the judges (that is, until the counting of points), it will be fixed draw. In the end, and turned out – None of the fighters did not manage to knock out the other. 
The next battle in PRIDE for Filipovic was the champion in the fight against polusrednem weight (205 pounds) Vanderleya Silva. In this battle there were the same rule as in the fight with Takada, and it also ended a draw. August 28, 2002 Crau Kop met with Japanese superstar Kazushi Sakuraboy at PRIDE Shockwave 2002. Filipovic wins, crush rival school. 
This was followed by a second match at the tournament with Fujita Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2002, where Filipovic won on points. 
Crau Kop back in PRIDE June 8, 2003, to meet with the heavyweight hit Herringom at PRIDE 26. He won a convincing victory by TKO after just 3 minutes 17 seconds into the fight. His next fight was against Russian Igor Vovchanchina qualifying tournament at PRIDE Total Elimination 2003 In the battle Filipovic knockout blow Vovchanchina foot to the head after 1 minute 29 seconds after the start. And at the PRIDE Bushido 1 Crau Kop at the 47 th second bout with foot shot in the head knockout Mexican professional wrestler Don Karasu-ml. 
A series of victories in Filipovic PRIDE gave him the right to participate in the championship in heavyweight against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira November 9, 2003 In the first round Filipovic completely controlled the fight. However, Nogueira has succeeded in the second round, when moving the battle to partner reception held at arm pain. In an interview after the fight Filipovic admitted that he was too arrogantly. 
In 2004, Filipovi? has suspended its performances in K-1 and began working with a coach Fabrizio Verduma (ex-world champion in Brazilian Jiu-dzhitsu) to improve the skills of combat in the parterre. The next fight Filipovic won by KO (a technical knockout), which lasted in the amount of 3 minutes 49 seconds. 
Then Crau Kop took part in the Grand Prix of PRIDE heavyweight. In the first round, Filipovi? received a crushing knockout of Kevin Randelmana. Later Filipovic took revenge for this defeat, beating Randelmana pain reception at the end of 2004 
Filipovi? repeatedly requested PRIDE organizers to arrange a fight with him in the heavy weight champion Fedor Emelianenko. After Filipovi? won several fights in succession, including a knockout victory over Alexander Emelianenko (brother of the champion, the growth of 6.6 feet, weighing 255 pounds), as well as the Joshi Barnett, Mark Koulmanom and Ibragim Magomedov, Filipovi? received a chance to fight Emelianenko for the title 28 August 2005 at the tournament PRIDE Final Conflict 2005. After the third round Emelianenko won by unanimous decision of the judges and retained his title. Later in the Croatian national television Filipowicz said that the battle he tired because had not yet adapted to the time difference with Japan and experiencing sleep problems. Also, after the battle, he many times repeated that he was too cautious, and devoted too much attention to defense. But the champion, in turn, was not at peak form. According to Emelianenko, in the exchange of blows, he could not at full strength to beat the right-handed because of injuries received earlier. 
23 October 2005, less than 2 months after his defeat against Emelianenko, Filipowicz again goes to the ring to re-fight with Barnett in the tournament Joshi absolute categories King оf Pancrase. After three rounds the judges gave the unanimous decision victory Filipowicz. 
December 31, 2005, Filipovi? lost on points to Mark Hunt. Hunt has been more aggressive in battle, which is an important criterion in judging PRIDE. Unusual was the fact that in this battle Crau Kop stood in the shoes, which he had previously never made. Immediately there were suggestions that the match Filipovi? injured leg. Filipovi? himself has never confirmed it is not. He also experienced problems with the heart during a fight with Emelianenko, Barnett and Hunt, and said that he needs to rest from the ring. 
into a champion 
Filipovi? again came to the ring 5 May 2006 to compete in the PRIDE Grand Prix 2006, in the absolute category. His first bout at PRIDE Total Elimination Absolute opposed Ikuhishi Minova, more light, but highly professional wrestler and mixed restlinga arts. Crau Kop won the bout by TKO at 1 minute and 10 seconds into the fight. 1 July 2006, during the PRIDE Critical Countdown Absolute Filipovic cast of Olympic champion in 1992 Judo Hidehiko Yoshida, and reached the semifinal. 
September 10, 2006 Filipovi? won Garneau, when the absolute category in PRIDE Final Countdown Absolute. In the semi-Filipovi? wins the fight, knock out the current PRIDE champion in the average weight Vanderleya Silva corona high blow your left leg. At the end of the Crau Kop won his third victory over Joshi Barnett, who surrendered after the injured eye. After those two victories Filipovic wins Grand Prix at PRIDE in the absolute category – the first significant title in the prestigious tournament. In an interview after the fight Filipovic said that if he had not won a tournament, it would be his last fight. It was also his birthday. 
After winning Filipovic Grand Prix in the absolute category, his second fight with Fedor Emelianenko failed – December 12, 2006 Filipovic refused to participate in the fight, scheduled for New Year\’s Eve, citing the trauma of foot and commitment Emelianenko fight with Mark Hunt in the same tournament. On its official website Filipovi? admitted: «I still can not beat the foot, as I want. It would be better to leave more time for recovery after injury. I want to be in perfect shape before the next fight ». Also in December 2006 came news that Filipovic is considering offers from other mixed arts. UFC was one of the organizations that approached him with the proposal. Coming soon to the web sites of the media began to appear a message that Filipowicz tied his future career with the UFC. 
UFC president Dana White officially announced December 30, 2006 during a press conference held after the tournament scene at UFC 66 MGM Grand Garden Arena, that Filipovi? had signed a contract for a period of 2 years (6 fights). It was also announced that Mirko «Crau Kop» UFC debut in February 3, 2007 tournament at UFC 67 in Las Vegas in the fight against Eddie Sanchez. In the fight Filipovic defeated Sanchez in the first round technical knockout. 
21 April 2007 Filipovic met with Gabriel Gonsagoy at UFC 70 in Manchester, England. After 4 minutes 51 seconds into the first round knockout wins Gonsaga, having hit his foot in the head in the style of Filipovic. Then Crau Kop said that after the transfer of the battle in the stalls, he was injured shin and did not have time to recover, when the fighters once again stood up on a rack, which has contributed to the subsequent knockout. 
September 8, 2007 Filipovi? spent fighting in the UFC 75 against French kikboksera Cheyka Congo, who lost on points. In a subsequent interview, Mirko said that the broken rib during the fight, as well as two attacks in the groin have been deprived of its ability to successfully finish the fight. In preparation for this fight Filipovic training with Remy Bonyaski and Gilberto Ivelom, as well as fighter Dean Lister, the Champion 2003 Abu Dhabi Combat Club. Lister joined the Crau Kopu at 1 month in his home town to prepare for this fight. Coaching Filipovic was one of the leading trainers Vos Gym Ivan «Hydro» Hippolyte, practicing muay-tai. According to the home page Filipovic from 10.01.2008 of his new coach again Marian Zizanovich. Mirko Zizanovich trained in K-1. 
February 12, 2008 on his blog Filipovi? announced the completion of his career in the UFC, and his participation in the new Championship – MMA DREAM. After moving into a new organization, his first tournament will be DREAM, which will be held March 15, 2008 Name Filipovic\’s opponent has not officially announced. 
When asked about the current status of the contract of Croatia with the UFC and whether it interfere with his statement in tournaments DREAM, DREAM Producer Keichi Sasahara said, «I do not have the right to disclose details of the contract, but I can say that any problems we can not foresee.» 
Sam Champion PRIDE Grand Prix 2006 on the question answered vaguely, with reservations, mentioning his intention to return to the American MMA at some point in the future. 
«Well, as you all know, I had a bad time when I lost two of their last match in the UFC, – said Filipovic. – I do not want all the thought that I run away from the UFC, but I have thought about continuing his career, and at this point, I believe that DREAM is now is the right place for me ». 
«Also, I never liked to fight in a cage. I was always attracted the ring. Another I always liked to fight in Japan. In Japan, I feel at home. All this led me here and I am very happy that I bet, here in Japan. But, of course, ever, do not know when, but surely, I shall be back in UFC, to prove that it was just unfortunate for me, period. Now I am fully recovered, physically and morally, more importantly, of course, morally ». 
Currently Mirko lives in Zagreb with his wife Claudia and son Ivan. In November 2003, Filipovi? parlamenstkih participated in elections in the list of the Social Democratic Party and got a seat in the Croatian Parliament. His main task was the care of the financing of police units. He declared that, when in November 2007, his mandate expires, he will return to the Croatian anti-terrorist unit. Mirko also try to film, playing a major role in the film «Higher Power». 
Advances in Kickboxing 
As of June 2007 at Filipovic following achievements in K-1: 16 victories, 7 defeats, 11 wins and 4 defeats – knockout.