Francisco «Chiquinho» Filho



Francisco «Chiquinho» Filho
Nickname: «Chiquinho» 
Date of birth: 10.01.1971 
Height: 186 cm 
Weight: 108 kg. 
Club: Kyokushin Kaikan 
Style: Karate 
Country: Brazil 
Finalist World Grand Prix K-1 2001 
World Champion Grand Prix K-1 2000 in Yokohama 
Champion of the World Karate-kiokusinkay 1999 
The world champion of karate kiokusinkay-1997 in the heavy weight 
3rd place at the world championships in karate kiokusinkay-1995 
Successfully tested «100 kumite» in 1995 
Champion of South America on kiokusinkay-karate 1992-94 biennium. 
Uruguayan Champion Karate 1991 
Paulista Karate Champion in 1990 
Brazilian Champion Karate 1990 
Francisco «Chiquinho» Filho (Born on January 10, 1971) – a Brazilian, a former fighter kiokusinkay-karate, kikbokser. One of the few fighters neyaponskih kiokusinkay-karate successfully tested «100 kumite» (100 matches in succession).
Career Center 
Francisco Filho debuted in K-1 20 July 1997 from the tournament K-1 Dreams 1997 against the legendary fighters and kiokusina seydo-Kaikan Andy Haga. It was their second meeting. The first, held at the 5th World Tournament of kiokusinkay-karate in 1991, won Filho. At that meeting, he also won, making him one of the pretenders to the title of world champion Grand Prix K-1. 
Since then, Filho was the champion, as in the K-1, and kiokusin-Kaikan. Since 2004, he was not involved in major competitions, but is actively preparing a young and promising fighters and overseen by a national team of Brazil kiokusinkay-karate.