Ewerton Teixeira has been very quiet for what seems


Эвертон Тексейра успешно дебютировал в восьмиугольнике

Ewerton Teixeira has been very quiet for what seems like a really long time now. He hasn\’t fought in kickboxing since the K-1 World Grand Prix 2010 Final, where he defeated Errol Zimmerman by unanimous decision. Teixeira\’s been waiting around for someone to contact him about fighting kickboxing, and it hasn\’t happened, so he\’s switched his attention to MMA. Teixeira fought on Saturday, August 4 and defeated his opponent, Raul Bazanes, by KO from a knee in the third round From all accounts, his opponent was very tough to last as he as he did. Teixeira has been training with UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior Dos Santos\’ team since March. Originally, he just went to spar with Dos Santos, but as he has not been contacted with any kickboxing offers, he decided to go forward with MMA. He has not ruled out kickboxing but for the time being, it seems like he\’s going to keep going forward with MMA unless he gets an offer in kickboxing from a major player like Glory or K-1. If anything, this should be a wake up call for major organizations to start pursuing Ewerton Teixeira, who\’s been waiting a very long time for that to happen.