Las Vegas arena reportedly reserved for Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather in June


Поединок Флойда Мэйвезера и Конора МакГрегора может состояться 10 июня


The long rumored fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather may have a date and location. According to FloCombat and several other outlets, T-Mobile Arena has put June 10th on reserve to potentially host the „super” fight between boxing and mixed martial arts legends. The venue can hold up to 20,000 people, and more importantly, it has a special \’anchor tenant\’ arrangement with UFC that effectively makes it the home of the promotion in Las Vegas.
Talk of a Mayweather versus McGregor fight has been just that for the past months, but the talk has gotten a lot more convincing as all parties involved begin to really process how much money could be made off the circus Floyd and Conor would create around it. Adding fire to the rumors that the fight could be in June, Mayweather himself suggested the date in his latest call out to McGregor.
„For Conor McGregor, I’m coming out of retirement, just to fight Conor McGregor,” Mayweather said. „We don’t need to waste no time. We need to make this happen quickly. Let’s get it on in June.”
That wouldn\’t leave a lot of time for both promoting and training for the fight, but perhaps the UFC just wants to get this over with quickly so Conor can fight in a cage by the end of 2017. As for the training … well, call me cynical but perhaps McGregor cares more about making sure the fight happens and he gets paid for it than whether his hand gets raised in the end. And really, is an extra two to three months of boxing training going to make the difference in a fight with Floyd?
We\’d suggest you wait a bit longer before booking any tickets and hotel rooms in Las Vegas. There\’s still a good chance nothing will come of this reported reservation of the T-Mobile arena. But the fact that we\’re talking about it now shows you just how real the possibility of this fight has become over the past few months.