Pre fight: Artiom Livadari — «On September 23rd, witness spectacular K-1 and Muay Thai fights. «


Pre fight: Artiom Livadari — » Hello! We are definitely eager to thrill the Moldovan audience with spectacular fights, fights in the Muay Thai ring. We’re in full training mode right now. Luckily, we already have extensive experience in this field; we’ve been fighting according to Muay Thai rules for a long time, just not at the professional level. Nevertheless, the preparation is the same as always. We’re putting in our maximum effort and looking forward to September 23rd to showcase beautiful fights. I’m on track to finish the Police Academy «Ștefan cel Mare» this year, specializing in Law. I believe I’ve grown accustomed to being somewhat of a Muay Thai ambassador in the Republic of Moldova. After winning the gold medal at the European Games, I’m now going to solidify this by participating in the first tournament with professional Muay Thai fights. A fellow gym mate and I will compete. We’ll be the pioneers. This is a big advantage for us. We’ll showcase beautiful fights; elbows and knees will make sparks fly! Everything depends on preparation, but we’re experienced, and it’s not a problem for us to avoid some hits or adhere to the rules. I haven’t studied my opponent much, but I think he knows what he needs to do. Prepare and step into the ring on September 23rd, where my victory awaits. I’d like to tell those who support me and want to witness truly exciting fights, Muay Thai matches, to come and support us on September 23rd. Witness the first ever professional Muay Thai fights in Moldova. We’ll strive to make it worthwhile and bring you joy, filling you with positive energy. On September 23rd, at Ciorescu Futsal Arena, come and support us, witness spectacular K-1 and Muay Thai fights. For those who can’t make it, watch us online at »