Pre fight: Aleksey Liubchenko — «Ionut, I hope we’ll have a good fight, and may the strongest win!»


Pre fight: Aleksey Liubchenko — » Hello. My name is Alexey Liubchenko, and I represent Ukraine. The preparation is going well; I’ve been training extensively in the gym for several months now. Currently, I’m focusing more on strength and physical conditioning. We’ve already started working in pairs and doing sparring. I feel excellent. I want to say that, throughout my career, this is the best shape I’ve been in. I’ve watched my opponent’s fights. Yes, he’s young and ambitious, but he hasn’t faced opponents like me. I’ve watched several of his fights, and I didn’t see anything too serious. Every opponent fights in the measure they are allowed to. So, on September 23rd, you will see my work. I’m reviewing his fights, and I know how to work with him, how to box him, and how to beat him. I’ve watched all the opponents in our Grand Prix. I believe that Maxim Zaplitnyi will win in the opposite pair. I’ve watched his fights. As for the Turk, I’ve seen a couple of his fights, I don’t know who he is. I haven’t seen him before. I think Maxim and I will meet in the final. The ring will decide. Yes, when I was offered to return to the FEA project and box again after a long break, I was very happy. I’ve boxed in many tournaments in many countries, but for me, the FEA tournament is one of the most prestigious tournaments I’ve participated in. Therefore, I’m confident that the tournament will be at the highest level. I’ve boxed in FEA before; my last fight was against Serghei Morari at 77 kg. I send greetings to Serghei, and I think we’ll meet at the tournament. 85 kg is a new weight category for me. But it’s not a problem for me because I feel good in this weight class. My opponent will be slightly taller than me, but that’s not a problem for me because throughout my career, my opponents have always been taller than me. My technique is consistent; I don’t change anything. As I mentioned earlier, I focus a lot on physical conditioning. It’s the key to my victories. Unfortunately, my head coach, Vladimir Skavinsky, is currently recovering in the hospital after an injury. Right now, Vladimir Nikolaevich Kalyuzhny is helping me with my training. I’m training in Kyiv, but I plan to finish my training in Switzerland. My brother is there right now, training at Muki Gym under the guidance of Muharem Hasani. I’ll be finishing my preparation there, and together with them, we’ll come to Moldova to win this tournament. For me, it’s important to win beautifully, so that the audience enjoys it and is pleased. Therefore, the victory has to be beautiful. In K-1, I like the technique of Mike Zambidis. It’s the old school of K-1. I’ve constantly watched his fights, and I really like it. My specialty is sports. I live it. It’s my job, it’s my priority, it’s my daily routine — training first, then everything else. I can’t plan anything until I’ve trained. God willing, we’ll win this tournament, and I’ll dedicate the victory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to the guys who are defending our country right now. And, of course, to my coach, he’s not just a coach. We’re very close, I call him «Dad.» So, I’ll dedicate the victory to my family, my loved ones, but first and foremost, to my coach and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Join us on September 23rd. I’ll do my best to surprise you, not disappoint you, and only bring joy. Cheer for us, cheer for all the participants because we’ll be doing our best for you. Ionut, I hope we’ll have a good fight, and may the strongest win! Dear compatriots living in Moldova, I invite you all to come on the 23rd and support me at the FEA tournament. Also, watch the live broadcast on Glory to Ukraine»