Important announcement for the Welterweight division!


Dorin Damir: «Hello everyone! When I announced the date of the next tournament—September 23rd—I promised there would be some surprises. And today, I am thrilled to unveil them! Joining me is the reigning champion of the 77 kg division, Constantin Rusu, as we chart the future of this exciting weight class. Constantin will address you separately, but let me tell you, this category is brimming with excitement. We have a title contender, Artiom Livadari, who was scheduled to face Constantin Rusu for the belt on December 2nd.
In other words, Constantin was set to defend his belt. However, due to the incredible opportunities awaiting him in another top world promotion, we have reached a mutual decision. Constantin will now have the chance to prove himself as the best in the world in this weight class. Consequently, Constantin will relinquish his FEA Championship belt, allowing it to be up for grabs for the next contenders.
So, keep an eye on us because, as you might have already guessed, this September will feature another Final 4 pyramid in the 77 kg category.
Allow me to express my deep admiration for Constantin Rusu. From his early days as an amateur to his current status as a professional, he has been an integral part of our journey. Through the K-1 federation, world and European K-1 championships, and subsequent pro tournaments, Constantin has consistently proven himself as the best. We wholeheartedly wish him success in all his endeavors, good health, and prosperity as a trainer. And, I hope that Constantin Rusu will become the first Moldovan fighter to be honored in The FEA Book of Glory, alongside the world’s greatest fighters such as Remy Bonjasky, Daniel Ghita, Pavel Zhuravlev, Yasuhiro Kido, Artur Kyshenko, Petrosyan, and many others.
That’s all for now!. Everyone, make big plans, practice sports, be bold, keep on going and everything will be fine! »

Constantin Rusu: «As everyone is well aware, I currently hold the title in the 77 kg category. However, it has been a year since I signed with another promotion, and I believe it’s time for me to push forward, to pursue further growth and development. I’m certain many of you watched my fights and understand what I mean. I had a discussion with Dorin Damir regarding the title I possess within FEA, and together, we have come to a decision—to make the title vacant. Nonetheless, I will forever be remembered as the first champion in this FEA division.
In the upcoming tournament, there will be another pyramid within this division, and the winners from each pyramid will have the chance to compete for my belt. Only then will a new champion be crowned in this category. I can say that I have made it easier for them to reach this title, as I have been the toughest obstacle they faced. However, my own desire for growth and the belief that the younger generation deserves the opportunity to showcase their skills and be motivated has led us to this decision. Thus we will see a new FEA champion!»