Who is Vasile Josan?


Who is Vasile Josan?

Vasea Josan is a young, ambitious and strong guy.

For me, these 200k followers represent the opportunity to express myself to a larger audience.

If there was no social media, I would be involved in business. Like I currently am. It’s a safety net for me. If people stopped watching me, then I’d still have income from the businesses I have.

In another life, I think I would be a lion. Simply because this animal exudes power. It is a winner and a leader.

As a superpower, I would like to be able to help all those in need.

To those who criticize my fight, I suggest being patient and waiting for the date of March 30th. After that, we can talk.

To my opponent, Dima White, I suggest choosing opponents of his level. The fact that he will fight someone who hasn’t trained at all for almost two years doesn’t mean he will prove anything. But I wish him success!

“Starting tomorrow, I won’t…” pay attention to my haters, because they are trying to demoralize me from winning this fight!

FEA LEGACY! March 30 !
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Ciorescu. Futsal Arena
LIVE: https://feafights.tv/
Info: fea.md