Welterweight Grand Prix FEA TAKE OFF K-1 Rules!


Artiom Livadari has a new opponent. Fernandez dropped out of the FEA TAKE OFF tournament, he will be replaced by the Romanian fighter, Anghel Cardos!

The Spaniard, Alex Fernandez is out of the card and replaced by the Romanian representative, Anghel Cardos.

For Artiom Livadari, April the 8th will be the most difficult test of his career. He will have to compete in a 4-men Grand Prix of the welterweight division.
In the upcoming fight, he will be opposed by the representative of Romania, Anghel Cardos, whose record is quite impressive, 51 wins, 24 losses and 1 draw. He is 35 years old, weight- 77 kg, height- 183 cm. He is the multiple winner of World Championships.
Artiom is a young and very gifted fighter. He is a member of BERCUT FIGHT CLUB, where he trains under the guidance of Andrei Grosu and Vlad Dima.
He has a good pro background, consisting of 5 wins and 1 loss, which he suffered during the last FEA tournament, which took place on December the 17, 2022. He lost by decision to the representative of Turkey, Mehmet Ali Meric.
At the moment, Livadari is in excellent shape and ready to prove himself. He is 21 years old, height- 188cm, weight- 77kg. He is also the winner of World Muaythai and K-1 championships.
To be noted that the winner of this Final 4 will become the first contender for the title fight against Constantin Rusu.
This bout will be extremely competitive and tense, we’ll find out who will be the winner on April the 8th, 2023.
Stay with us, do not miss it! Ciorescu, Futsal Arena, start 17-00. Tickets afisha.md. Live only at feafights.tv!

Artiom Livadari. COUNTRY: Moldova. City: Chisinau. DOB: 12/06/2001. AGE: 21. HEIGHT: 188 cm. WEIGHT: 77kg. Coach: Vlad Dima, Andrei Grosu. Gym: BERCUT FIGHT CLUB. Wins:5. Losses:1. Draw: 0.
Angel Cardos. COUNTRY: Romania. City: Satu Mare. DOB: 18-8-1986 AGE: 36. HEIGHT: 183 cm. WEIGHT: 77kg. Gym: Friends Gym. Wins:51. Losses:24. Draw: 1.

Mehmet Ali Meric vs Vladimir Ginju! FEA CHAMPIONSHIP TAKE OFF- 2nd Welterweight Grand Prix Semi-Final!

In the second semi-final of the Welterweight 4-men Grand Prix, the representative of Turkey, Mehmet Ali Meric, will enter the ring against the fighter from Ukraine, Vladimir Ginju. At December’s FEA Championship tournament, Meric won by split decision against Artiom Livadari.
Now he’s ready to go forward. And there’s always the possibility that he may meet Artiom Livadari once again in the Final. In that case he’ll have a very difficult time. Since Livadari will definitely want to get even.
Mehmet is 21 years old with 11 wins and 5 losses, he trains at the Şampiyon Star Spor Kulübü club in Adana.
Vladimir Ginju has tons of experience in MMA pro fights, he spent fewer K-1 fights, but he presented himself very well. He is 29 years old, is a native of Kharkiv city. But at the moment he conducts his training in Poland, at Garuda Warszawa club. His K-1 record consists of 10 wins and 8 losses. For him, this Grand Prix is a true challenge and test.

Mehmet Ali Meric. COUNTRY Turkey. City: Adana. DOB: 07/17/2001. AGE: 21. HEIGHT: 180 cm. WEIGHT: 77kg. Coach: Hakan Shahade. Gym: Şampiyon Star Spor Kulubu. Wins:11. Losses: 5. Draw: 0.
Vladimir Ginju. COUNTRY Ukraine. City: Warsaw. AGE: 28. HEIGHT: 180 cm. WEIGHT: 77kg. Coach: Dmitrij Kartel. Gym: Garuda Muaythai Gym Warszawa. Wins:10. Losses:8. Draw: 0.
Stay with us, do not miss it! Ciorescu, Futsal Arena, start 17-00.Tickets afisha.md. Live only at feafights.tv!