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FEATHERWEIGHT bout, under 63 kg, 3min x 3R, extra 1R, K-1 rules  (3 rounds, 3 minutes each, extra 1 round, K-1 rules)
(Moldova) Igor Zadorojneac vs Sveatoslav Vieru (Moldova)  Winner Igor Zadorojneac by unanimous decision.


WELTERWEIGHT bout, under 75 kg, 3min x 3R, extra 1R K-1 rules (Moldova) Anatolie Gavriliuc vs Pavel Barbanoua (Moldova)
Winner Anatolie Gavriliuc by TKO , 2R, 2:48.


FEATHERWEIGHT bout, under 63 kg, 3min x 3R, extra 1R K-1 rules (Bulgaria) Alexandr Scrob vs Maximus Bejenuta (Moldova)
Winner : Maximus Bejenuta by TKO 3R, 2:52


FLYWEIGHT BOUT (57 KG)5 min x 3R, extra 1R MMA rules. (Moldova) Anatolie Gafin vs Fiodor Cazanji (Moldova)
Winner : Anatolie Gafin by TKO , 1R, 3:12


FEATHERWEIGHT BOUT ( 66 kg) 5 min x 3R, extra 1R MMA rules (Turkey) Alperen Karabulut vs Artiom Orlovschi (Moldova)
Winner : Artiom Orlovschi by submission, 1R, 1:12




MIDDLEWEIGHT bout under 88 kg, 3min x 3R, extra 1R K-1 rules . (Moldova) Cătălin Anton vs Denis Cvasnitchi (Moldova)
Winner : Denis Cvasnitchi by unanimous decision.


LIGHTWEIGHT BOUT ( 70,3 kg) 5 min x 3R, extra 1R MMA rules. (Moldova) Sergiu Morozan vs Gheorghe Pavlov (Moldova)
Winner : Gheorghe Pavlov by unanimous decision.


LIGHTWEIGHT BOUT 71kg, 3min x 3R, extra 1R K-1 rules. (Moldova) Denis Tapu vs Vitalie Panainte (Moldova)
Winner : Denis Tapu by KO 2R, 1:05.


WELTERWEIGHT BOUT ( 77 kg) 5 min x 3R, extra 1R MMA rules. (Turkey) Yunus Emre Şahbaz vs Ion Petrov (Moldova)
Winner : Ion Petrov by TKO, 1R, 1:54


FEATHERWEIGHT BOUT ( 66kg) 5 min x 3R, extra 1R MMA rules. (Turkey) Mehmet Tanirli vs Nicolae Hantea (Moldova)
Winner : Nicolae Hantea by TKO, 1R, 1:15


MIDDLEWEIGHT bout 81kg, 3min x 3R, extra 1R K-1 rules. (Turkey) Fatih Erman vs Artiom Livadari (Moldova)
Winner : Artiom Livadari by TKO, 1R, 2:02


FEATHERWEIGHT bout -65kg, 3min x 3R, extra 1R K-1 rules. (Turkey) Mehmet Yalcin vs Dmitrii Sirbu (Moldova)
Winner : Dmitrii Sirbu by TKO, 1R, 2:06


LIGHTWEIGHT bout weight 71kg, 3min x 3R, extra 1R K-1 rules. (Turkey) Samet Erdemir vs Vitalie Matei (Moldova)
Winner : Vitalie Matei by unanimous decision.

On September the 17th we’ll have an excellent FEA CHAMPIONSHIP tournament, during which the fights will be held according to both K-1 and MMA rules.

One of the main K-1 bouts of the evening will be the lightweight confrontation between our compatriot, Vitalie Matei, and Turkish representative, Samet Erdemir.

Vitalie is an extremely experienced fighter, he spent more than 30 bouts, and in his last FEA fights he won the Grand Prix pyramid of the 70kg, thereby becoming the first contender for the championship fight in said division.

Vitalie conducts his training at Thai Boxing Club, under the guidance of Vladislav Belinschi. Matei is a fighter made of steel and a pupil of the old school fighting style. One could say he’s a K-1 veteran of the Republic of Moldova. He is 37 years old, he won 23 fights and lost 13. Height- 176cm, weight- 71kg.

Matei’s opponent, Turkish representative, Samet Erdemir, is a young fighter, he’s only 20 years old, but has already managed to become a two-time national champion and the Muaythai European Champion. He also fought professionally 8 times, and lost only one match. Thus, he’s less experienced, but he has the young enthusiasm and perseverance going for him. Samet’s height reaches 180 cm, weighing- 71 kg.

Experience versus young fervor, fairly sums up this upcoming confrontation! After all, we’re talking about a 17 years age difference.

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Dear friends, we’re glad to announce another interesting match that will take place on September 17th as a part of the FEA CHAMPIONSHIP tournament. Namely, the fight between the representative of the Republic of Moldova Dmitrii Sirbu and the fighter from Turkey, Mehmet Yalcin.
Dmitrii Sirbu needs no introduction, he is the multiple winner of international and national Grand Prix tournaments and championships. Sirbu has frequently participated in K-1 tournaments organized by FEA. He’s an experienced fighter, boasting a record of 13 wins and 5 losses. He’s also the owner of several championship belts and titles within Muaythai World and European Championships. Dmitrii is 31 years old, height- 170cm, weight- 65kg. Sirbu is the type of fighter who doesn’t back away from any opponent, he’s always ready for any challenge. To be noted that Dmitrii is also an officer of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova.

His opponent, Mehmet Yalcin, is not a piece of cake either, he’s a young but very experienced fighter. Meaning that he’s ready to demonstrate his best side on September 17th.
Mehmet Yalcin is 9 years younger, he’s 22 years old, but despite his age, he managed to fight as a pro 16 times, losing only one fight. Moreover, he became the Turkish Muaythai Champion 16 times. He weighs 65kg, height-173cm.
Both athletes are worthy opponents for each other, so this particular fight is going to be extremely exciting.

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September 17th, Artiom Livadari vs Fatih Erman!  FEA Championship K-1 Rules fight in the 80kg category!

Artiom Livadari is a young and very promising fighter. A member of BERCUT FIGHT CLUB, training under the guidance of Andrei Grosu and Vlad Dima.

Artiom has a good pro background, consisting of 3 victories without defeats. He’s 21 years old, height- 190cm, weight- 80kg. He’s also the winner of Muaythai and K-1 world championships. Livadari is in excellent shape, and in his last fight he got a landslide victory over a much more experienced Belarusian fighter.

In the upcoming fight, he will face the representative of Turkey, Fatih Erman, who has a record of 5 victories and 1 defeat. He’s 25 years old, weighing 80 kg an reaching a height of 180cm. He also boasts the title of the Turkish Champion.

The bout ought to be very competitive and tense, and we’ll find out the winner on September 17th.

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Nicolae Hantea vs Torgom Asatryan! MMA rules bout in the up to 65.8 kg category!

Within the FEA CHAMPIONSHIP tournament, which will be held on September 17th, as a part of the MMA RULES section, we hereby announce the fight between Nicolae Hantea, from the Republic of Moldova, and the Armenian representative, Torgom Asatryan. This upcoming confrontation is going to be spectacular, as both fighters are young and crave victories only!

Nicolae Hantea, in his last fight in Chisinau, within the EAGLES project, defeated Kirill Tropinin. His professional record consists of 6 wins with 2 losses. Nicolae conducts his training at Thai Boxing Club, under the supervision of Vladislav Belinschi. He is 22 years old, weighs 66kg, height- 176cm. To be noted that he’s one of the best Moldovan prospects in this category.

Torgom Asatryan is a little less experienced, he spent 3 professional fights, winning his last 2 bouts and losing 1. He’s 22 years old, weight- 66kg, height- 172cm. Torgom is set to win and ready to give his 100%. Furthermore, he trains alongside the reigning champion (EAGLES FC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION), Martun Mezhlumyan. Therefore, he’s definitely going to come prepared.

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77kg category bout – Ion Petrov vs Vladyslav Rudniev!  September 17th, FEA CHAMPIONSHIP, MMA RULES!

On September the 17th, during the FEA CHAMPIONSHIP tournament, we’ll get to see the MMA fight between the representative of the Republic of Moldova, Ion Petrov, and the fighter from Ukraine, Vladyslav Rudniev.

Ion Petrov is a member of the Chisinau club, CSA TEAM, training under the guidance of Mihail Cotruta. Ion had already fought professionally 4 times, won 3 fights and lost one.

Vladislav Rudniev, Kyiv, Ukraine. He’s the multiple winner of sambo championships, also practices judo. In his professional career, he obtained 3 victories without defeats.

Height: 178 cm, Weight: 77kg, Age: 26 years old.

Ion Petrov (W-3, L-1, D-0), CSA TEAM member. Height: 176 cm, Weight: 77kg, Age: 24, Country: Moldova, City : Chisinau.

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Official fight card FEA CHAMPIONSHIP LOADING K-1 Rules MMA Rules.