Pre-fight statements: Pavel Babanoua and coach, Vladislav Belinschi.


Pre-fight statements: Pavel Babanoua and coach, Vladislav Belinschi .
Pavel Barbanoua: “I’m very prepared, I’ve been preparing for this tournament for the past month and I’m ready. I don’t have a particular plan, as God wills, so it will be. I follow a plan during training and I hope everything will turn out fine. I can’t wait to get in the ring and fight like two real men and may the best one win!”
Vladislav Belinschi: “Pavel keeps improving from one fight to another. He had a packed schedule; he spent another fight in the meantime. He’s in good shape, it’ll be a quality match, and it only depends on him if he’ll win. I won’t make any predictions, but I know he’s capable of keeping the distance and also knows when to increase the pace. If it gets to the scorecard, I think he’ll manage to win”

Don’t miss it! December 17th, Ciorescu Futsal Arena. Tickets: The box office of the National Opera and Ballet Theater Maria Biesu. Infoline: 079406906. Online tickets: Live: