Post-fight: Middleweight 4-men tournament FEA EQUINOX sep 23rd 2023 !!!


Post-fight: Middleweight 4-men tournament.
Alexey Liubchenko: “The prediction came true. We’ve worked according to the plan. As I previously stated, I will win this Final 4. After this I’ll take the belt. It would be an honor for me to share a ring again with him. He’s a good guy, a good fighter. We respect each other. Just like we said in our interviews, we’ve both qualified for the final and showed a good fight. I’m ready to fight again, I’m always open to new opportunities. I want to fight against the best, never against the worst.”


Maxim Zaplitnii: “I wanted to win, but unfortunately I lost. But it’s not tragic, I’m going to move forward. I’m always ready to fight. This is a part of my life. I would gladly participate again and then I could meet Alexey again. I hope the audience liked it. Something was missing, I will start working on my mistakes. I’ll move forward and never back down.”


Ionut Busuioc: ” In my opinion I haven’t made any mistakes. He just has more experience, he’s older. I would like a rematch. I thank him for the fight, I’ll wait for him in the ring. I think I have enough strength, he’s an old man. As for Maxim Zaplitnii, I wait for you in the ring as well, old man!”



Berk Duzenli:” I think I won, but he’s a Moldovan fighter. I’m ready for a rematch at any time.”