Interview with fighters Igor Zadorojneac and Sveatoslav Vieru and their coaches, Andrei Grosu and Pavel Voronin, respectively.


Andrei Grosu: – “Igor Zadorojneac will debut in the professional ring, he is a fantastic athlete in terms of his dedication, his attitude towards training, he insisted a lot on having this fight. He is a competitive athlete in the sense that, he mobilizes and sometimes fights in a way that you don’t understand where it comes from. Igor shows himself very well during competitions and I am convinced that it will be the same this time”

Igor Zadorojneac: – “Yes of course, I’m ready. We conduct very intensive training. There are good guys who help me prepare, the coaches as well, put a lot of effort and I’m very prepared for this fight. There is some anxiety, but we go through emotions with the thought of victory only and that’s what we aim for. I want to tell my opponent to prepare well, because the fight will be tough. September 17th, LIVE,”

Sveatoslav Vieru: – “I’m ready. Everything is going well, victory only. The winner must be me, but I want an honest fight without injuries. I know he’s from the BERCUT club, I sparred with him before, good guy. My parents are proud of my achievements. September 17th, LIVE – ”

Pavel Voronin: – “He is my first athlete who will participate in the FEA project and we want to show a beautiful fight, spectacular, as usual. As a fighter I also like to show beautiful matches, and so do my athletes. My prediction is a spectacular fight and let the one who wants it more to win.”