Interview with fighters Fiodor Cazanji and Anatolie Gafin and their coaches, Mihail Sîrbu and Vasile Zbîrnea


Fiodor Cazanji – “Preparation is going well, it started with Thailand and continues until today. Now I’m in Mereni, I’m training with Mihail Sîrbu, I feel great, I wish my opponent good luck and I hope we’ll put on a show. I decided to compete in MMA because I like this sport, this discipline is something new for me because I am a representative of Muaythai, but I hope I will show a good fight and the public will appreciate it. September 17th, watch!”

Mihail Sîrbu: -“Fedea is in very good shape. He is a very young fighter, he is really good, I like to work with such fighters. Since we’re members of the same club, why not practice together. I hold the belt at 61 kg, and to become the best you have to work with the best. He wanted to work with me, to better his fight on the ground. I gave him some of my experience. He’ll make a good fight. September 17th, watch!”

Anatolie Gafin: -“I find myself much more in MMA than K-1, but I practice K-1 as well. At the moment I’m neutral, but I hope that along the way I’ll focus more on MMA. I could say that I don’t have an idol, but I want to become an idol for someone else. September 17th, LIVE, ”

Vasile Zbîrnea: -” The training is going very well; we are in a very good period. We recently returned from Chechnya with a very spectacular win. The opponent is quite experienced, we know that his base is Muaythai but we chose to fight him by MMA rules. And we’ll prove that we’re the best. Anatolie prefers to fight on the ground and that’s why we chose to fight by MMA rules”