Fedor Cazanji has signed a contract with FEA CHAMPIONSHIP!


Fedor Cazanji has signed a contract with FEA CHAMPIONSHIP!


Just yesterday, a new category was announced in the FEA CHAMPIONSHIP project, namely the up to 60kg FEA CHAMPIONSHIP BANTAMWEIGHT CATEGORY, K-1 Rules. And today the news came about the signing of the first fighter in this category. The young fighter, Fedor Cazanji, signed a contract with FEA and we will see him fight during the next tournaments.

To be noted that Cazanji performed very successfully in Thailand, according to the rules of Muay Thai, where he had several victorious fights, and at the last tournament he won ahead of schedule against the eminent Romanian fighter of Chinese origin, Robert Hu Hua Long. So, dear friends, there are a lot of interesting things ahead of us, follow us and stay up to date with all the news!


Dorin Damir: “Hello everyone! Just a short while after the last announcement, about the new FEA Championship division, the Bantamweight division, under 60 kg, we have the first signed fighter. So, the first signed fighter for the FEA Championship Bantamweight division, is Fedor Cazanji. He’s a young, 20 years old good athlete, Muay Thai fighter. He participated in several world, regional and national championships. He’s very talented. He already proved himself within the FEA Championship project. He spent 2 fights. He tried himself in MMA, but he is best in K-1. Thus, we all hope that Fedor will become the next star of our project!”


Fiodor Cazanji: “Today I signed with FEA, and I think this is a very important step for my career. I think you’ll see it all in September. Some interesting news that will surprise many. For me personally, this means growth, new plans and goals. I think Comrat will have a new FEA champion soon.”


Octavian Orheianu: “Fedor is a talented fighter. When we opened the Lion Comrat branch, he was one of the athletes that started strong. He was disciplined, he never missed a training session, listened to his coach. He’s a K-1 fan. We’re happy and proud that this day has come!”