FEA CHAMPIONSHIP announces a professional Muay Thai match as part of the main card of FEA EQUINOX!


FEA CHAMPIONSHIP announces a professional Muay Thai match as part of the main card of FEA EQUINOX!

Within the FEA EQUINOX tournament, on the main card, a professional Muay Thai match will take place between the renowned fighter from the Republic of Moldova, Artiom Livadari, and the representative of Bulgaria, Ali Yuzeir.

As previously announced, FEA Championship is introducing this division to popularize professional Muay Thai in Moldova. The long-awaited moment has arrived! For the first time in the Republic of Moldova, a professional Muay Thai match will be held, and in this match, all fans will have the opportunity to see Artiom Livadari, who has already become famous. This year, Artiom won the first gold medal at the European Games. Artiom is a versatile fighter, practicing K-1, Muay Thai, and Boxing. His achievements have been possible due to his hard work, character, and patience.

Artiom Livadari is the most promising fighter of the project in the 77 kg category. In April of this year, he won the pyramid in the 77 kg category and became the first contender for the title, scheduled for December 2023. It is worth noting that the second contender will be determined in the 77 kg Grand Prix on September 23.  Artiom is 21 years old, stands at 188 cm, and weighs 77-80 kg. He trains at BERCUT club in Chișinău, under the guidance of Andrei Grosu and Vlad Dima. His record consists of 7 wins and 1 loss. He is the European Games champion and the two-time Muay Thai vice world champion.

On September 23rd, in the professional Muay Thai match, Artiom will face Ali Yuzeir from Bulgaria. Ali is 3 years older than Artiom, being 24 years old. He has an impressive record of 13 wins and 5 losses. He trains in Varna, Bulgaria, at Team Vokil club, under the guidance of Galin Dimov and Petar Petrov.

So, dear fans, an unforgettable evening of fights awaits us, adorned with the true stars of Muay Thai and K-1!

FEA EQUINOX, weight category -80 KG, MUAY THAI rules
(Republic of Moldova) Artem Livadari vs Ali Yuzeir (Bulgaria).

Artim Livadari
COUNTRY: Republic of Moldova
City: Chișinău
DOB: 06.12.2001
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 188 cm
WEIGHT: 80 kg
Style: K-1
COACH: Andrei Grosu, Vlad Dima
Win: 7, Loss: 1, Draw: 0
FEA welterweight contender, K-1 rules
European Games Muay Thai champion 2023
2-time Muay Thai World vice champion

Ali Yuzeir
COUNTRY: Bulgaria
City: Varna
DOB: 05.02.1999
AGE: 24
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Coach: Galin Dimov, Petar Petrov
Gym: Team Vokil
Style: Muay Thai, K-1
Win – 13, Loss – 5, Draw – 0