Dorin Damir FEA CHAMPIONSHIP FOUNDER: “On September 23rd, at FEA Equinox, we have the Final 4 in the 85 kg category. “


Dorin Damir FEA CHAMPIONSHIP FOUNDER: ” Good day dear friends, fans of the FEA Championship project!  We are all eagerly awaiting the tournament on September 23rd, FEA Equinox. Time is ticking, the anticipation is growing, and the fighters are in preparation.  Everything is going well. Today, in a few words, I will tell you about the Grand Prix in the up to 85 kg category. It’s a very, very interesting Final 4. We have contracted very skilled and top fighters. Among them is Maxim Zaplitnyi, the Moldovan fighter. His opponent is the fighter from Turkey, Berk Duzenli. The second semifinal will be between the Ukrainian fighter, Liubchenko, who is well-known and participated in FEA Championship several years ago. He is a Muay Thai fighter, very tough, and very skilled. His opponent is the Romanian fighter, Ionuț Busuioc. What do we have in this Final 4? Quite an intriguing lineup. All the fighters are good. Very, very well-prepared. It will be a fierce competition, a grand finale.

There’s also some intrigue. Ionut Busuioc had a previous fight in Romania against the Moldovan fighter, Maxim Zaplitnyi, where Maxim Zaplitnyi defeated him in an extra round.
So, if somehow Maxim Zaplitnyi meets Ionuț Busuioc in the final, it will be an interesting rematch. But if not, that’s how it goes, the ring always shows who’s the strongest.
Liubchenko, as I mentioned, is a very skilled Ukrainian fighter. There are two Liubchenko brothers, but there are several fighters in Ukraine with the same last name. Including the Muay Thai world champion. The Turkish fighter is very skilled and accomplished. So, on September 23rd, at FEA Equinox, we have the Final 4 in the 85 kg category. Come and support your favorite fighters. Or watch us on from all around the world. To better and greater things, practice sports, move forward with big plans, and everything will be fine!”