! Attention! It’s the end of an era …


! Attention! It’s the end of an era …

Hello friends! As you know, FEA has lately organized mixed events, which included both K-1 and MMA fights. Therefore, in order to give a unique identity to its two projects, FEA Kickboxing and Eagles Fighting Championship, professional tournaments according to the rules of K-1 and MMA, respectively, this year, the FEA team decided to come with few image changes. Thus, FEA Kickboxing and Eagles Fighting Championship, become the same brand, FEA Championship.






The decision to change EAGLES FC is also partly due to the fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov, who started his own mixed martial arts project in 2020, called it similarly, “Eagle FC”, creating confusion among fans and experts. We remind you that the EAGLES brand was registered by the FEA in 2012 and we intend to keep it, the EAGLES belts remain valid, moreover, they will keep the EAGLES name for the next period.

The sole website for both styles of martial arts is www.fea.md.

In terms of events, we will maintain the same concept, FEA Championship matches according to K-1 rules and MMA rules on the same day, hence satisfying the preferences of amateurs of both disciplines at the same time and, implicitly, with a higher frequency than before!

Follow us closely, we will be back soon with information about future plans!