Aleksey Liubchenko: ” Unfortunately, during these challenging times, many athletes are at war.”


Aleksey Liubchenko: ” Unfortunately, during these challenging times, many athletes are at war. Many athletes have lost their lives, many have been wounded, and many have become disabled. It’s very painful to witness. But unfortunately, this is the path we must take to achieve victory over the aggressor. For me, it’s crucial to raise the flag of Ukraine, to represent Ukraine, and to raise the flag of Ukraine in the ring along with victory. Our soldiers from the Armed Forces of Ukraine raise the flag in the territories they have liberated from occupiers. It’s a great honor for me to represent Ukraine, to live in Ukraine, and to box for my country. You know, when my coach went to the war, we were very surprised. We didn’t want this because he’s like family to us. As I mentioned in a previous interview, he’s like a father to me. I call him “Dad”. We were worried about him, but as he told me one day when he called, “Leosha, I did this so that you can sleep peacefully, so that the children can sleep peacefully. That’s why I went to fight.” Unfortunately, 2.5 months ago, he was wounded, but thank God he’s recovering, and he supports me. We are constantly in touch. He knows that I will bring this victory to Ukraine, and he will be happy for me. In my family life, I have already achieved everything. I have a 5-year-old son, and I have a wonderful, beautiful wife. I live in my country, and I don’t plan to go anywhere else. I don’t want to live anywhere other than Ukraine. I love my country, my life, my hobbies, and my involvement in sports. At the moment, like every Ukrainian, my wish is for the war to end. I want the war to end with Ukraine’s victory because we are an independent country. Right now, I want to focus on my preparation, complete my training, come to Moldova, and claim victory in the Grand Prix Four. After that, I want to win the belt in the 85kg category. I believe I can do it because I have confidence in myself and my abilities.”