Here are the main topics discussed by Marin Vetrila and Dorin Damir in a recent IG LIVE.


Where do you currently reside and train?

I moved to The Netherlands and joined Team Holzken. I was received very well, like a new member of the family. But then again, I put in the effort as well, I didn’t miss a single training session, but this is normal. We like working, this is what we do. I got here by chance actually. I was visiting my mom and sisters in the UK for the winter holidays and I was looking for a gym there just to keep in shape. I was researching on the internet but still couldn’t find something suitable. So, I was on my way back home to Moldova and an ad from Holzken Team popped up. I took it as a sign, I felt something in my heart and I turned to my mom, who was in the car with me, and I said: “That’s it, I’m moving to The Netherlands!”. And now I’m here. Three months in and I already got my first professional fight.

Tell me about the difference between the clubs you’ve been a member of? The positives, the negatives?

A few years ago, when we were going to European, World Championships we always had this impression that if the opponent is a foreigner then automatically, he’s the favorite. Now, after attending different training camps in Ukraine, Odessa, in Romania, and now in The Netherlands, I’ve came to the conclusion that we’re all equal. Two hands, two feet, one brain. There’s nothing significantly different. That being said, there are more clubs in here, thus the competition is tighter. You just have to invest your 100% and even more. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, your ethnicity, the color of your skin.
I feel great, I was welcomed like a family member. But there’s a language barrier. My English is at a starter’s level and would learn it faster if they would talk in English. They discuss in their own language, danish. Nonetheless, I find this to be an advantage, you learn not to rely on words, but to really feel the person, his attitude towards you. When my coach explains something to me, I don’t understand what he’s saying, but I understand what he wants me to do.

 At this time, you’re only working out or maybe you found a job, or have another occupation? 

I’m focusing on training only. My family supports me, mainly my mom. She helps so I could put all my time and energy into this. And in the future, all of this will pay off.

 What are your thoughts about you first fight within the WFL promotion?
I usually think only about my way to the ring, the ring itself and the coach. Bu this time, when they were presenting me, it dawned on me that there’s silence. I felt the absence of the audience. Even more so in the midst of the fight, when no one’s shouting, it. On the other hand, this allowed me to focus on my opponent and to deny him any chances. And the fact that I didn’t perform for a year and four months, wasn’t an issue, because I knew what I was in the ring for.

 I saw you won by unanimous decision. Any comments about your opponent?

Before the fight, when I was researching my opponent, I watched one of his fights where he totally and uncompromisingly was in control, he was dominating. I was discussing it with my mom and she told me that the opponent will enforce himself on me as far as I’ll let him to. So, I said that if he’ll start to press me it won’t be for long. He tried something in the first round but I quickly gained control, I didn’t get off his back for a minute. I didn’t let him try anything, not one opportunity.
I would like to ask about the WFL organization, your thoughts?
I can’t compare it to FEA Kickboxing, since there I performed when there was audience. But I liked it here, it was cool. I got up to the second floor, looked at the ring and thought to myself “This is my ring!”.  I liked the view itself. About the TV production I can’t compare it either, I watched the LIVE stream of FEA Kickboxing, but I didn’t get the chance yet to watch the WFL one. But I want to.

We have some unfinished business. You won the 4-Man Tournament and became the first contender for the championship belt, which is currently owned by Stanislav Renita, but he was forbidden by the doctors to fight for a half of year. Now this half of year has passed. What do you think, will Renita defend the title or will he give up his belt and we’ll have to find another candidate? 

I would like for him to get healthy, moreover it’s unknown when will the next tournament happen. I can’t say what he’ll do, but I hope he’ll be able to fight. As you said, we have unfinished business.  I hope this fight happens as well. But even if it doesn’t, we’ll organize another 4-man tournament to identify an opponent for you. It’s very likely this will happen this year, maybe at the end of the summer. As soon as possible.
What can you tell us about Nieky Holzken the man? 
He’s simple man. Sociable, friendly, didn’t let fame get to his head. I was amazed at how humble he is. He started from nothing as well, worked very hard and accomplished everything by himself. Maybe that’s why he stayed the same.

Your opinion on Alexander Romanov’s last fight? About the whole situation?
This is the Heavyweight division, and a knee in that area, an area you can’t possibly train, is substantial. I don’t know what Alexander felt in that moment, but I can definitely confirm that he’s not the type of fighter to fake anything just to win. We talk often, I know him and I can positively state that this wasn’t fake. I’m certain he wanted to finish the fight, to show a beautiful bout.

How about your future plans? Are there other fights to come?
There’s a point system here, who gains more, gets to the title fight. So, there’s still more to come.
I know you like to read a lot, to self-improve. What was the last book you read?
The last book was” Atlas Shrugged”, it’s a large book, over 1000 pages. It always so happens that you’re reading the book that you need at that specific point in life. It’s about people who move forward no matter what, about powerful, determined people. Recommend it!
We wish Marin Vetrila success in all of his endeavors!