Fighters from Turkey ready for the FEA WORLD GP ODESSA. 24.08.2019


Турецкие бойцы сделали заявления!!! Они готовы к поединкам и приглашают всех на турнир FEA WORLD GP ODESSA !!!



„My name is Cengiz Lale, I will have a match with a new fighter and I need your support. 24th of August, Odessa, Palace of Sports. I’m waiting for all of you” – stated Cengiz Lale.
“In the end, 10 years have passed. This time around the victory will be mine. You are a world champion, friend. But with God\’s help and my efforts, the victory will be on my side. I’m waiting for everyone on August the 24th at the Odessa Palace of Sports”. – declared Mehmet Ozer.
“Greetings to all of you! The 24th of August the fight for the world title will take place at the Odessa Palace of Sports. To win, I need your support and I look forward to seeing you on August the 24th, Odessa” – said Furkan Karabag.
“The 24th of August, in Ukraine, Odessa there will be only me in the ring. I know that there are good people and excellent fighters over there. Want to see a great fight? Come and watch it!!! “- said Funda Alkayis.