Interview and statement`s on weigh-in and face off on FEA vol.28


Состоялась дуэль взглядов,пресс-конференция и контрольное взвешивание перед турниром FEA vol.28.


Yesterday took place the Face Off  and press conference for FEA 28 tournament
The atmosphere during the face off went beyond the limits of all accepted norms. The fighters were ready to fight each other right there. But after coping with their stress and emotions, they successfully passed the control weighing and the press conference.
Keep in mind that the tournament will consist of 3 parts.
Undercard tournament. First part.  Veaceslav Munteanu against Vadim Vlas. Marin Vetrila against Maksim Mikhnich. Radu Copaceanu against Igor Scoda. Petru Morari against Atakan Mert.
In the second part we will see – Grand Prix Final four in the 65 kg category.
Stanislav Renita against Cristian Spetcu and Dmitrii Sirbu against Francesco Picca will face each other in the semifinals.
Which one of the four will be the winner, who will have enough strength for the final, who will earn the championship belt?
Also in this segment, we’ll see the superfights of FEA WORLD SERIES 2019 vol.28. In the 77kg category, Ion Ureche will enter the ring against Artur Brinza. The unbeatable young Moldavian fighter Mina Manoli will fight against Dokka Gurmayev, a native of the Chechen Republic who will represent Russia.
The Champion, Nadejda Cantir, will enter the ring against Funda Alkayis from Turkey. We will see whether Nicolae Caraus  is able to defeat his rival Dragos Imbrea. Both are young and determined!!!
In the 3rd part we will see the Grand Prix Final Four in 77 kg division. Four K1 stars will challenge their right to become the absolute champion. First semifinal: the titleholder, Constantin Rusu, versus Alan Scheinson.  Second semifinal:  Cristian Dorel versus Fikri Arican. Only two will meet in the final battle for the championship belt.
And in this part as well, we will enjoy super fights of FEA WORLD SERIES 2019 vol.28. Prepare for the return of Maxim Railean in a duel against the unconquerable Lithuanian, Martynas Danius
Maxim Bolotov will challenge the right to win a fight against Serbian, Mihajlo Kecojevic.
Vitalie Matei will show that he is the real champion in the fight against the Turkish fighter, Baris Guzel.
And the current FEA champion in the light-heavyweight category, 95kg, Alexander Burduja, will fight with the famed Croatian, Mladen Kujundzic.
“It’s spring and we return again to Manej Arena, this Saturday the toughest fights will take place in here. The participating fighters need no introduction, we will have 2 grand prix Final Fours,  in the 65kg and 77kg category, and in addition, we will see super fights involving stars of kickboxing world “- said the organizer of the Saturday’s show, FEA vol.28, FEA President, Dorin Damir.
“This is my belt, I am ready more than all the others” said Constantin Rusu
“Once again I will prove myself, the victory will be mine,” said Renita.
“It will be tough, but we will fight and win” declared Bolotov.
“I saw that my opponent was already nervous, this is going to be a beautiful fight”, declared the FEA 95kg division champion, Alexandr Burduja.
“I went to this fight a long time, I will win at any cost”- stated Nadejda Cantir.
“I’m sure I’ll win both fights by knockout, good luck to everyone and enjoy watching us” – noted Cristian Dorel.
“On Saturday, you will see a rematch in the final with Renita, I will not miss this chance,” said Dmitrii Sirbu.
More details in the video.